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Primary league tables: Lowest results

This table lists the primary schools with the lowest Sats results in England.

Compiled from government data, it ranks the schools by the proportion of children achieving the government benchmark of Level 4 for both English and maths in their national curriculum tests - known as Sats.

Schools with less than 60% reaching Level 4 are considered underperforming if their pupils are also failing to progress fast enough.

The "average point score" - the average number of points per pupil in the tests, out of a maximum of 33 - is used as a tiebreak.

The list does not include schools with fewer than 11 pupils, whose results are not published, or any of the roughly 25% of schools that chose to boycott Sats tests this year.

In total 197 schools are listed - all those with 42% gaining Level 4 maths and English are included, all those with 43% are not.

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