Key points

  • This march marks the second anniversary of the tuition fees demonstration which saw clashes between protesters and police.
  • The demonstration is an attempt to put students back on to the political agenda.
  • The protest march in central London passef near parliament and ended with rally in Kennington Park.
  • The National Union of Students is concerned about the lack of job opportunities for young people.

Live text


  • Margaret Ryan 
  • Katherine Sellgren 

Last updated 21 November 2012


Good morning. Welcome to our live coverage of demonstrations by students in central London. Thousands of people are expected to join the protest march from the Embankment to raise concerns about a number of issues, including the impact of higher student fees, the loss of the education maintenance allowance and the lack of job opportunities.


To coincide with the protest, the National Union of Students (NUS) has published a survey which suggests voters have not forgiven MPs who broke election promises over raising fees.

Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, who promised to vote against raising tuition fees, has been a particular target for student anger.


Two years ago this month a protest against tuition fees saw angry clashes between protesters and police.

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NUS UKtweets: Did someone order LOADS of placards? #behindthescenes #demo2012


The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills says government reforms have made the university system "fairer and more progressive".

A spokeswoman said students, like other citizens, had the right to "participate in peaceful protest".


The mainstream demonstration by the NUS is expected to be joined by a separate feeder march by the more radical National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.

This group has challenged the route agreed with the police for protesters.

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Luke Walton, Education correspondent, BBC News

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tweets: Officer now telling #demo2012 they'll be committing an offence by leaving route. March sets off.


Sean Coughlan, BBC News education correspondent

says police are lining up alongside the demonstrators, but the mood so far is relaxed.

The numbers so far look much lower than the huge tuition fees protests of 2010.