Secondary league tables 2012: Best GCSE results

This table lists the 200 schools in England with the highest attainment at GCSE level.

The first column shows the proportion of pupils who attained the benchmark standard of five A*-C passes, or equivalent qualifications, including maths and English GCSEs. The average number of points scored per pupil is then used as a tie break where schools have the same result.

Schools marked IND are independent, those marked SEL select their pupils on the basis of academic activity. Schools marked AC are academies. Schools with fewer than 30 pupils are not included.

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School name Local authority What does this mean? Average point score What does this mean? Pupils with five good GCSEs (%)
Colyton Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Devon 816.3 100%
The Rochester Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Medway 799.2 100%
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Birmingham 768.5 100%
Lawrence Sheriff School (VA, SEL) Warwickshire 762.6 100%
King Edward VI Five Ways School (ACC, SEL) Birmingham 726.5 100%
Skipton Girls' High School (ACC, SEL) North Yorkshire 721.3 100%
Altrincham Grammar School for Boys (ACC, SEL) Trafford 704.9 100%
Invicta Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kent 703.8 100%
King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford (ACC, SEL) Essex 699.0 100%
Headington School (IND) Oxfordshire 684.1 100%
Newport Girls' High School (ACC, SEL) Telford and Wrekin 676.7 100%
Chelmsford County High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Essex 673.9 100%
St Olave's and St Saviour's Grammar School (VA, SEL) Bromley 673.0 100%
The Folkestone School for Girls (FD, SEL) Kent 671.1 100%
Aylesbury High School (ACC, SEL) Buckinghamshire 667.6 100%
The Crossley Heath School (FD, SEL) Calderdale 659.7 100%
St Paul's School (IND) Richmond upon Thames 658.9 100%
North London Collegiate School (IND) Harrow 658.5 100%
Sutton Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Sutton 654.3 100%
Tonbridge Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kent 649.2 100%
South Wilts Grammar School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Wiltshire 646.3 100%
Lancaster Girls' Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Lancashire 645.1 100%
King Edward VI High School for Girls (IND) Birmingham 637.8 100%
Torquay Boys' Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Torbay 632.6 100%
King Henry VIII School (IND) Coventry 628.5 100%
Wallington High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Sutton 628.2 100%
Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet (ACC, SEL) Barnet 626.0 100%
The Henrietta Barnett School (VA, SEL) Barnet 624.6 100%
King Edward VI Handsworth School (ACC, SEL) Birmingham 618.0 100%
St Michael's Catholic Grammar School (VA, SEL) Barnet 615.8 100%
The Tiffin Girls' School (ACC, SEL) Kingston upon Thames 614.3 100%
Reading School (ACC, SEL) Reading 612.6 100%
Westminster School (IND) Westminster 610.8 100%
Guildford High School (IND) Surrey 610.1 100%
Kendrick School (ACC, SEL) Reading 609.7 100%
King Edward VI School (ACC, SEL) Warwickshire 608.3 100%
Alcester Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Warwickshire 605.3 100%
The Perse School (IND) Cambridgeshire 604.7 100%
St Paul's Girls' School (IND) Hammersmith and Fulham 599.8 100%
The Swaminarayan School (IND) Brent 598.2 100%
Eton College (IND) Windsor and Maidenhead 597.9 100%
Adams' Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Telford and Wrekin 596.7 100%
City of London School for Girls (IND) City of London 596.1 100%
James Allen's Girls' School (IND) Southwark 595.8 100%
Caistor Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Lincolnshire 593.8 100%
St George's School (IND) Windsor and Maidenhead 591.8 100%
Dr Challoner's Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Buckinghamshire 589.5 100%
Wycombe Abbey School (IND) Buckinghamshire 589.1 100%
The Godolphin and Latymer School (IND) Hammersmith and Fulham 589.0 100%
Boston High School (FD, SEL) Lincolnshire 588.5 100%
Hampton School (IND) Richmond upon Thames 586.4 100%
Chatham Grammar School for Boys (ACC, SEL) Medway 586.3 100%
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys (ACC, SEL) Birmingham 585.8 100%
The Maynard School (IND) Devon 584.2 100%
St Helen and St Katharine (IND) Oxfordshire 583.0 100%
Highgate School (IND) Haringey 581.8 100%
Benenden School (IND) Kent 579.8 100%
South Hampstead High School (IND) Camden 578.4 100%
The Crypt School (ACC, SEL) Gloucestershire 578.0 100%
Parkstone Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Poole 576.4 100%
Wilmington Grammar School for Boys (ACC, SEL) Kent 574.0 100%
St Mary's School Ascot (IND) Windsor and Maidenhead 570.9 100%
Royal Grammar School (IND) Surrey 568.7 100%
The Judd School (VA, SEL) Kent 568.4 100%
Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School (IND) Hertfordshire 566.9 100%
Queenswood School (IND) Hertfordshire 565.8 100%
Walthamstow Hall (IND) Kent 564.3 100%
Eltham College (IND) Bromley 561.8 100%
Ilford County High School (CY, SEL) Redbridge 560.9 100%
Saint Martin's School (IND) Solihull 559.5 100%
The Latymer School (VA, SEL) Enfield 558.3 100%
Leicester Grammar School Trust (IND) Leicestershire 557.2 100%
City of London School (IND, SEL) City of London 557.1 100%
Sir Thomas Rich's School (ACC, SEL) Gloucestershire 556.9 100%
The Lady Eleanor Holles School (IND) Richmond upon Thames 556.8 100%
Redland High School for Girls (IND) Bristol, City of 556.0 100%
Putney High School (IND) Wandsworth 555.8 100%
St Albans School (IND) Hertfordshire 555.7 100%
St Swithun's School (IND) Hampshire 554.8 100%
Oxford High School GDST (IND) Oxfordshire 553.3 100%
The Queen's School (IND) Cheshire West and Chester 552.1 100%
Radley College (IND) Oxfordshire 552.0 100%
Gravesend Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kent 551.8 100%
Kingston Grammar School (IND) Kingston upon Thames 549.2 100%
Townley Grammar School for Girls (CY, SEL) Bexley 548.6 100%
Tiffin School (ACC, SEL) Kingston upon Thames 548.5 100%
Brighton College (IND) Brighton and Hove 548.4 100%
Bedford Modern School (IND) Bedford 547.5 100%
Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle (IND) Kensington and Chelsea 547.2 100%
Alleyn's School (IND) Southwark 547.0 100%
Channing School (IND) Haringey 545.5 100%
King Edward's School (IND) Birmingham 544.5 100%
Hymers College (IND) Kingston Upon Hull, City of 544.2 100%
Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls (IND) Hertfordshire 538.6 100%
University College School (IND) Camden 537.5 100%
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital (IND) Bristol, City of 534.1 100%
Notting Hill and Ealing High School (IND) Ealing 532.7 100%
St Albans High School for Girls (IND) Hertfordshire 532.7 100%
Latymer Upper School (IND) Hammersmith and Fulham 529.9 100%
St Helen's School (IND) Hillingdon 526.6 100%
Downe House (IND) West Berkshire 523.5 100%
Francis Holland School (IND) Westminster 523.4 100%
St George's College Weybridge (IND) Surrey 522.1 100%
The King's School (IND) Cheshire West and Chester 519.8 100%
Trinity School (IND) Croydon 507.2 100%
Exeter School (IND) Devon 504.6 100%
Derby High School (IND) Derby 504.5 100%
Twycross House School (IND) Leicestershire 500.7 100%
Wolverhampton Grammar School (IND) Wolverhampton 496.2 100%
King's College (IND) Somerset 495.2 100%
Our Lady of Sion School (IND) West Sussex 491.1 100%
King's High School (IND) Warwickshire 482.5 100%
St John's School (IND) Surrey 476.2 100%
St John's Preparatory and Senior School (IND) Enfield 437.4 100%
Colchester County High School for Girls (FD, SEL) Essex 792.2 99%
Newstead Wood School (ACC, SEL) Bromley 772.3 99%
Thomas Telford School (CTC, COMP) Telford and Wrekin 752.1 99%
Westcliff High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Southend-on-Sea 727.0 99%
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Birmingham 712.2 99%
Heckmondwike Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kirklees 698.8 99%
Southend High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Southend-on-Sea 692.5 99%
Oakwood Park Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kent 672.5 99%
Colchester Royal Grammar School (FD, SEL) Essex 672.3 99%
Stratford-Upon-Avon Grammar School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Warwickshire 656.4 99%
King's College School (IND) Merton 646.3 99%
Westcliff High School for Boys Academy (ACC, SEL) Southend-on-Sea 637.0 99%
The North Halifax Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Calderdale 631.3 99%
Poole Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Poole 620.8 99%
Nonsuch High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Sutton 619.9 99%
Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School (FD, SEL) Kent 617.9 99%
Queen Mary's Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Walsall 617.8 99%
Bournemouth School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Bournemouth 617.0 99%
Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School (ACC, SEL) Medway 616.7 99%
Harris City Academy Crystal Palace (AC, COMP) Croydon 612.9 99%
Wilson's School (ACC, SEL) Sutton 610.0 99%
Wolverhampton Girls' High School (FD, SEL) Wolverhampton 601.4 99%
Upton Hall School FCJ (VA, SEL) Wirral 598.4 99%
Southend High School for Boys (ACC, SEL) Southend-on-Sea 598.3 99%
The Harvey Grammar School (CY, SEL) Kent 598.3 99%
Wycombe High School (ACC, SEL) Buckinghamshire 597.3 99%
Carre's Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Lincolnshire 596.9 99%
Weald of Kent Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kent 596.8 99%
Lancaster Royal Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Lancashire 596.7 99%
Cranbrook School (VA, SEL) Kent 591.8 99%
The Skinners' School (VA, SEL) Kent 589.3 99%
Wallington County Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Sutton 588.8 99%
The King's School, Grantham (ACC, SEL) Lincolnshire 587.9 99%
Edgbaston High School for Girls (IND) Birmingham 583.1 99%
Maidstone Grammar School for Girls (VC, SEL) Kent 576.6 99%
Magdalen College School (IND) Oxfordshire 576.5 99%
Dover Grammar School for Girls (CY, SEL) Kent 575.8 99%
Warwick School (IND) Warwickshire 575.3 99%
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Buckinghamshire 573.3 99%
The Manchester Grammar School (IND) Manchester 570.0 99%
Dr Challoner's High School (ACC, SEL) Buckinghamshire 567.4 99%
Churston Ferrers Grammar School Academy (ACC, SEL) Torbay 566.9 99%
The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe (ACC, SEL) Buckinghamshire 564.1 99%
Bancrofts School (IND) Redbridge 562.2 99%
Herschel Grammar School (FD, SEL) Slough 562.1 99%
Stroud High School (ACC, SEL) Gloucestershire 561.6 99%
Highsted Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Kent 561.1 99%
The Priory Academy LSST (AC, COMP) Lincolnshire 561.1 99%
Devonport High School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Plymouth 558.6 99%
Bishop Wordsworth's Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Wiltshire 551.4 99%
Sir William Perkins's School (IND) Surrey 550.9 99%
Reading Blue Coat School (IND) Wokingham 547.9 99%
Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend (FD, SEL) Kent 546.6 99%
Merchant Taylors' School (IND) Hertfordshire 546.5 99%
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Cumbria 544.8 99%
Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Buckinghamshire 544.2 99%
Bristol Grammar School (IND) Bristol, City of 544.1 99%
Rugby High School (ACC, SEL) Warwickshire 543.5 99%
Nottingham Girls' High School GDST (IND) Nottingham 542.8 99%
Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle (FD, SEL) Lincolnshire 542.8 99%
Wimbledon High School (IND) Merton 542.5 99%
Solihull School (IND) Solihull 540.3 99%
Northwood College (IND) Hillingdon 537.2 99%
Reigate Grammar School (IND) Surrey 535.4 99%
Bishop Vesey's Grammar School (VA, SEL) Birmingham 533.5 99%
Clitheroe Royal Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Lancashire 532.0 99%
Nottingham High School (IND) Nottingham 528.5 99%
Stockport Grammar School (IND) Stockport 525.9 99%
Loughborough High School (IND) Leicestershire 523.4 99%
The Grammar School At Leeds (IND) Leeds 520.2 99%
The Red Maids' School (IND) Bristol, City of 519.1 99%
Sevenoaks School (IND) Kent 518.1 99%
Wirral Grammar School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Wirral 518.1 99%
Bedford Girls' School (IND) Bedford 517.3 99%
West Kirby Grammar School (ACC, SEL) Wirral 513.6 99%
Altrincham Grammar School for Girls (ACC, SEL) Trafford 513.2 99%
Uppingham School (IND) Rutland 509.8 99%
Royal Grammar School (IND) Newcastle upon Tyne 504.3 99%
Sherborne School (IND) Dorset 503.1 99%
Berkhamsted School (IND) Hertfordshire 501.7 99%
Bolton School Boys' Division (IND) Bolton 500.8 99%
Forest School (IND) Waltham Forest 497.2 99%
Lingfield Notre Dame (IND) Surrey 495.0 99%
Oundle School (IND) Northamptonshire 475.6 99%
The Grange School (IND) Cheshire West and Chester 468.3 99%
The Blue Coat School (VA, SEL) Liverpool 681.4 98%
What do the table headers mean?
Average point score
The average number of points netted per pupil at the institution taking GCSE or equivalent qualifications.
Pupils with five good GCSEs
The percentage of pupils getting grades A*-C in five GCSE - or equivalent qualifications - including maths and English

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