Election 2015

How the internet reacted to the leaders' debate

About 7.7m people tuned in to watch the leaders' debate on Thursday night, and many of them spent the evening giving their feedback on social media. Twitter said there were more than 1.5 million tweets related to the debate, with an average of 8,657 tweets per minute.

Here are some of the funniest takes on the night's political posturing.

Debate or game show?

With the event having to accommodate seven leaders, many people thought the set was left looking like a game show - although no one could agree which one.

ITV presenter Rob Brydon thought he should have been chairing the action:

A parody account of Prince Charles thought it was more like another ITV show:

Here's Jonny

The first question of the night came from a 17-year-old student called Jonny Tudor and it produced two of the most re-tweeted responses to the debate from the satirical tweeter @GeneralBoles:

Not only did many observers think Jonny was the best dressed audience member, but some thought he could be a future leader of the country:

The battle begins

Once the clashes got under way, it was Ed Miliband's deep stare that caught the attention of many:

Some were less enthused by Nigel Farage's interventions:

Public's revolt

Half-way through a well-dressed heckler interrupted proceedings before being removed from the studio:

As the clashes intensified, some thought Ed Miliband had momentarily lost himself to memories of a quieter time:

Most of the polls put Nigel Farage neck-and-neck with Ed Miliband and David Cameron, but not everyone enjoyed his line of argument. This Twitter user imagined how a signer might have reacted:

Celebrating the underdog

Many analysts said SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon had stolen the show and this image - adapted from a poster put out by the Conservatives - proved popular:

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