Election 2015

Election 2015: Day at-a-glance (7 April)

A daily guide to the key stories, newspaper headlines and quotes from the campaign for the 7 May general election.

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Image caption Tony Blair has offered his full support to Ed Miliband

Day in a nutshell

  • Former Prime Minister Tony Blair entered the election campaign with an attack on David Cameron's pledge to hold a referendum on Britain's EU membership
  • Mr Cameron is spending the day campaigning across the UK, with visits to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England
  • Labour has claimed figures suggest almost 600 fewer GP surgeries in England are open in the evenings and at weekends than before 2010
  • But Conservative Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said Labour's numbers were wrong and that out-of-hours cover was being extended
  • UKIP's Nigel Farage is set to expand on his party's pledges to the armed forces, and further outline plans for an independent veterans' minister
  • Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg attacked the Conservatives' plans for the economy as he stepped up his attack on his coalition partners
  • Green Party leader Natalie Bennett confirmed her party would commit to introducing a Citizen's Income in its manifesto

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Tuesday's newspaper headlines

  • The Times says that the Scottish National Party would use whatever power it has in the next Parliament to oppose any attempt to increase the state pension age. The newspaper reports the party argues it disadvantages Scots because they have a lower life expectancy than the English
  • Tony Blair will say later that Ed Miliband has offered "real leadership of the EU" and warn Britain faces instability not seen since the war if there is a referendum on Europe, says the Guardian
  • David Cameron is urging Conservatives who have defected to UKIP to "come home", writes the Telegraph
  • There are concerns within the Conservative Party that their manifesto is not positive enough, according to the Independent
  • The FT writes that the NHS is facing a bigger financial black hole than politicians and health leaders have admitted

Stuck in the past?

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Hustings, ballot boxes, election broadcasts, the leaders of two mighty parties battling it out for the "keys to Number 10". Why does so much about the general election seem to belong to a bygone era? Brian Wheeler has been taking a look.


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The election campaign might have slowed down a bit over the weekend, but Twitter users who needed their political fix found a light-hearted way to fill the void. The hashtag #constituencysongs took off on social media over the weekend. We've collated some of the best suggestions.

Key quotes

"Do we really think this is the time in which to put into play our very membership of the European Union, the largest commercial market and most developed political union in the world? And the one on our doorstep?" - Former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

"The election isn't just a choice between parties; it's a choice between two different types of United Kingdom. One that lives within its means, or one that heaps more debt on our children. We've got just one month to make sure people choose the right path" - Prime Minister David Cameron.

"We will give whatever they need - it might be more than £8bn, it might be less"- Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt on funding for the NHS in England.

"The Citizens' Income, the commitment to that, is in this manifesto - but we've seen the difficulties that Iain Duncan Smith has got into in introducing Universal Credit, so we're saying it would take more than the term of one parliament to actually introduce this" - Green leader Natalie Bennett.

"Gone are the days of compassionate conservatism. Now they promise to cut and cut and cut. Not because they have to, but because they want to" - Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg

GPs and an EU referendum

The BBC's Reality Check team have been busy asking questions about the political claims of the day

In pictures

Tony Blair in a hi-viz jacket, David Cameron on the Game of Thrones set and other visual treats from Tuesday's campaign trial have been lovingly collated on our day in pictures page.

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Image caption One SNP supporter is proud to show off where their loyalty lies.

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