Election 2015

Election 2015: A chaotic day for Nigel Farage

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Media captionUKIP leader Nigel Farage filmed in an unguarded moment.

It's been a chaotic day for Nigel Farage.

Starting in Grimsby at what should have been a simple photo call with reality TV star Joey Essex, organisational issues meant no-one from a frustrated press pack - or UKIP's own team - was allowed on the planned boat tour.

Then on to a fish market, where again press were asked to wait outside until the UKIP leader arrived to unveil a campaign poster criticising EU fishing quotas.

At a public meeting at Grimsby Town Hall protesters meant Mr Farage was taken in a side door.

The next planned event at a pub was cancelled after the landlord called 999 following another small protest. Then it was time for an ice cream in Skegness where Mr Farage met local businessmen.

Most media were directed to the wrong location thanks to a postcode mishap, but the event otherwise passed smoothly. Local people seemed happy to see Mr Farage, albeit through the ice-cream parlour's locked glass doors.

As he left through the kitchen at the back it was with a wave and smile to onlooking supporters, but an unguarded moment caught on camera seemed to suggest the campaign strain is starting to show.

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