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Election 2015: Record candidate tally for Greens and UKIP

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UKIP and the Green Party are fielding a record number of general election candidates, figures suggest.

Nigel Farage's party is standing in 624 of the 650 Westminster constituencies, according to the Press Association. That is 66 more than 2010.

Natalie Bennett's Green Party is standing in 571 seats - far more than the 335 they contested last time.

The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats are fielding full slates in England, Scotland and Wales.

Those three parties will not be contesting the re-election of Commons Speaker John Bercow in Buckingham, in accordance with tradition, but Mr Bercow will face a challenge from Green and UKIP candidates.

The Conservatives are also standing in 16 of Northern Ireland's 18 constituencies.

Meanwhile, the SNP is contesting all 59 seats in Scotland and Plaid Cymru all 40 in Wales.

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Image caption Green leader Natalie Bennett has seen a dramatic increase in the number of her party's candidates

The British National Party is standing in just eight constituencies.

That is a dramatic reduction from the last general election, when it stood 338 candidates.

The overall number of candidates across the UK, including all parties and independents, appears to be down slightly, from 4,150 to 3,963.

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Image caption George Galloway's Respect is standing in four constituencies

Figures also suggest more woman are standing than in 2010, with 1,020 compared to 854 last time.

George Galloway's Respect is standing in four constituencies- seven fewer than 2010.

UKIP's Mr Farage said: "We are delighted to be standing in almost all constituencies in the country.

"It is a significant increase on 2010 and means that in all four nations of the UK, there is now the chance to vote UKIP, a chance that we hope millions will take up."

BNP spokesman Simon Darby denied the decline in the number of candidates for his party reflected a collapse in the party's support and membership.

He said the party could have fielded more candidates, but took the decision not to waste deposits.

Nominations closed on Thursday.

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