Election 2015

Election 2015: Manifestos and mockery

For the political parties, they are the key to power. But for social media devotees, manifesto launches present another opportunity to poke fun.

A short time before the Conservatives and the Greens unveiled their documents, they had been sent up on Twitter.

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It didn't stop the parties trying to deliver a serious message, with limited success.

For an hour from 10:00 BST, when the Greens took to the stage to offer their manifesto, #Greens - the party's chosen hashtag - was tweeted more than 2,500 times.

The Conservatives' preferred label #VoteConservative fared much the same, with just short of 2,500 tweets between the launch of their manifesto at 11:00 BST and midday.

Although these are both fairly small numbers for a Twitter hashtag, it's interesting to note that by 13:00 BST the Greens had pulled ahead with more than 3,200 mentions.

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The Green Party tried to keep things focused on the issues, with leader Natalie Bennett topping the most-shared tweets with her post summing up their manifesto pledges in 128 characters. Other party members were tweeting party promotional posters enthusiastically.

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Journalists however were slightly less excited...

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After the Tories took to the stage, it was the similarities between their manifesto's cover and a previous Australian Liberal Party manifesto from 2013 - also produced by Tory chief election strategist Lynton Crosby - and a fairly unflattering, if un-airbrushed, photo of the Conservative leader which appeared on page four of the manifesto that provoked comment on social media.

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Twitter users also commented on Mr Cameron's mention of a "good life" and expressed scepticism that the characters from the popular BBC sitcom of the same name would approve of the Tories' election promises.

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Written by Kerry Alexandra

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