Election 2015

#GE2015: Your reflections on the election in poetry and verse

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There have been drinks around kitchen sinks,

Politicians have debated and parties were berated,

Who will win at the end of the day?

Who knows but we've got your poems on Have Your Say!

Here's a selection on the topic of the election:

Ian McMillan, poet, radio presenter and writer

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Charles King

Some manifestos are red, others are blue.

Vote 'none of the above'? Don't mind if I do.

Patricia O'Neill

Deal only with the issues that make a better life don't fight about religion,

I'll cut away your bluff and bluster and then make my decision.

Catherine Luke

Nation decides

Debate discussion country divides

Election insurrection

Valediction dereliction

You vote you win you lose

Careful who or what you choose

Roger Jarman

No surprise

All spin & lies

All lies & spin

So who will win?

Purple, yellow

Green or Blue

One thing's sure

It won't be you!

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Margaret Caddens

They're at it again the p party crew,

we promise to fight for you and you.

Do we trust? Not sure. Vote for who

Claire Targaryen

Labour are red, Tories are blue,

none of the parties offer anything new.

Steve McAlpine

Use your vote to make a selection...

on who you'd like to win the general election.

Paul White

Labour are red, the Tories are blue.

That's the only real difference. It's sad but it's true.

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John Trench

Election, election what a botheration.

People want solution not exploitation in a world of miss placed devotion.

Ian Houston

Election time is nearly here, who to vote for?

They are all austere. More of the same for the next five year?

Paul Bishop:

Party members in disguise.

Smiling suits touring clean streets.

Giving out made up figures.

To gullible nodding journalists.

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