Election 2015

Election 2015: BBC TV debate reaction in quotes

The parties are back out on the campaign trail after last night's debate. But what have the party leaders had to say about the set-piece TV event?

Labour leader Ed Miliband

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"I think anybody who watched the debate last night will have seen fundamental differences between me and Nicola Sturgeon: on the issue of cutting the deficit and balancing the books, on national security and on the break-up of the UK, which she still wants to have happen. I couldn't have been clearer about this, we're not going to have a coalition."

UKIP leader Nigel Farage

"I felt very isolated, I was there with four political leaders who couldn't even understand the basic fact that if the population rises by millions it puts pressure on housing. I have to say, I'm very happy to be isolated if they can't see through that."

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon

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"I think Labour supporters and people across Scotland will have listened to Ed Miliband last night, seen him perhaps suggest that he would rather see David Cameron in Downing Street, than work with the SNP. Now, I think for Labour supporters that is not the case. We have the opportunity to make sure the Tories are replaced not with a Tory-light version of David Cameron's government, but with something better and different".

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett

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In quotes: Reaction to TV debate

"I was very pleased with last night's debate - both I think the opportunity to get the Green Party message about a fair economy, a public NHS and about dealing with climate change, across, but also I think the fact that we raised many issues that simply wouldn't have been heard otherwise; climate change, and it really is astonishing that in three and a half hours I am the only leader that has raised that issue."

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood

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"I went to London in order to speak for Wales. I managed to do that and I also managed to put the leader of the opposition on the spot, particularly in terms of his failure to commit to an emergency budget to reverse the Tory cuts and of course we also had from him that he wasn't prepared to give funding for Wales that we deserve in terms of parity with Scotland. So I managed to speak for Wales, speak against austerity and convey the set of values that Plaid Cymru holds dear".

Prime Minister David Cameron

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"Last night's debate was a challengers' debate. It was an idea of the broadcasters to have a debate of the opposition parties, a debate to which Nick Clegg and I weren't invited.

"I'm glad it went ahead, I caught a bit of it. I saw the leaders of the red party, the green party, the purple party, the yellow party from Scotland - the SNP, all saying different things but all meaning the same thing, which is they want to scrap the plan that has created two million jobs in our country, that is paying down the deficit and making Britain success story...

"I think you saw on your television screens last night just a hint of the chaos you would get from that sort of coalition."

Lib Dem Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

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"I would've liked to have been there, of course I would. I know David Cameron did not want to participate but I always felt just because he didn't want to speak up for what we've done over the last five years I would've liked to have had the opportunity to do so. Because what was lacking in that debate was a sensible centre-ground voice - spelling out some of the realities of what we face as a country, and setting out a hopeful vision about how we can finish the job of balancing the books and doing so fairly."

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