Election 2015

Election 2015: Labour tops donation list for campaign's second week

Westminster parliament Image copyright PA

Labour has topped the list of general election campaign donations for the second week in a row, with more than £1m given to the party.

The total sum is more than double Labour's nearest rival, the Conservatives.

The Tories received £492,512 in 17 individual contributions.

In total, almost £1.7m in donations to four registered political parties were reported to the Electoral Commission between 6 April and 12 April.

All parties standing candidates at the election are required by law to report any donations or loans over £7,500.

The Labour total came from seven cash donations, with trade union Unison being Labour's biggest donor with £311,875.

In all, the party received £1,109,946.

The Liberal Democrats received a total of £50,000, made up of three donations; while UKIP received a total of £8,000 in the second week of the election period.

UKIP was also late to report £63,000-worth of donations and the Electoral Commission says it is in correspondence with the party to establish why this happened.

During the second week of the 2010 election campaign the Conservatives had received donations worth £2,221,341, while Labour had been given £1,490,000.

The Lib Dems received £120,000 in the same period and the SNP total was £10,000.

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