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Funding should be rebalanced across Wales - Plaid

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Media captionLeanne Wood: "We believe that people in Wales deserve parity with Scotland"

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood says she will use the election to push for a "rebalancing of power and wealth" across the UK.

Ms Wood told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show "if you don't ask for something you don't get it".

Her party has refused to support a Conservative administration if there is a hung parliament after 7 May.

Ms Wood said Plaid Cymru had "a lot in common" with the SNP and the Green Party.

The Plaid leader also said while not "inevitable", an independent Wales "could very well happen".

Ms Wood said the political equation had changed when the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties all promised to maintain the Barnett Formula in Scotland, which she said was unfair towards Wales.

Image caption Leanne Wood said she had "a lot in common" with Nicola Sturgeon and Natalie Bennett

Key priorities

Plaid Cymru

Main pledges

  • Living wage for all employees by 2020
  • Extra 1,000 doctors for Welsh NHS
  • Scrap Bedroom Tax
  • Transfer control of criminal justice system - including policing - to Wales
  • Oppose renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system
  • Wales to get same powers as Scotland. Also similar funding - additional £1.2bn each year

She called for a "Team Wales" approach to securing more funding from Westminster and parity with Scotland.

"More and more people in Wales want more powers for our national assembly and it is clear our economic situation is not good and we can't carry on as we are," she said.

"Something has to change and we are pushing in this election for the rebalancing of power and wealth throughout these islands."

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has said she supports Plaid's call for parity, although not at the expense of Scotland's funding.

Asked about Ms Sturgeon and Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, who she embraced after the second TV debate, Ms Wood said "something different is happening" in politics.

"I'm convinced that we have a lot in common across the three parties... regardless of the three leaders," she added.

'Pie in the sky'

However, Labour's Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith has fended off questions about his party working with Plaid Cymru in a hung parliament, calling them "bit-part" players at Westminster.

He told the BBC's Sunday Politics Wales programme that Plaid's call for an additional £1.2bn a year of public spending in Wales was "pie in the sky".

For the Conservatives, Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb said the party should not get "rattled" by opinion polls showing it neck-and-neck with Labour.

Also speaking on Sunday Politics Wales, he said the Tories should stress "consistency and a sense of purpose", sticking to the message about "the economic progress that we've achieved to date".

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