Election 2015

Election 2015: Greens 'will keep the Tories out'

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Media captionNatalie Bennett: Green Party offering politics "built on values and on principles"

The Greens have launched an "MP pledge card" on the last day of the election campaign that promises to "keep out the Tories and keep Labour in line".

Leader Natalie Bennett said the Greens offered British people "a chance to vote for real change".

And she said the election was an opportunity to send that message.

Green candidates are standing in 571 seats - up from the 335 contested in 2010 - yet the party has only one MP, Caroline Lucas, in Brighton Pavilion.


"We've still got undecided voters out there, people are telling me they are actually going to decide when they've got the pencil in their hand," said Ms Bennett.

"So these last few hours are really important for us to send a very clear message, that the Green Party is offering real change from 'business as usual'...

"We're looking to be a very strong group of Green MPs in Parliament - the maths shows us to be very influential - able to have a real impact and we'll be very much focusing on keeping the Tories out everywhere we can, and ensuring the Labour Party view moves away from disastrous austerity-like policies."

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Image caption Natalie Bennett and Green candidate Darren Hall used a rickshaw to shelter from the rain
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Image caption Blogger and cook Jack Monroe joined Natalie Bennett in Bristol
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Image caption 'These last few hours are really important for us to send a very clear message'
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Image caption Natalie Bennett, who is standing in Holborn and St Pancras, out campaigning in Hackney

Ms Bennett spoke out after a visit to a Bristol food distribution centre with cook and blogger Jack Monroe, who has switched her allegiance from Labour to the Greens.

She said: "One of the defining issues of this election is the gaping gap between rich and poor in this country.

"We have 147 billionaires in the same country where one million people need food banks to feed their families.

"Only the Greens are putting forward the bold solutions we desperately need to tackle inequality in Britain.

"That means a living wage of £10 an hour by 2020, a welfare state that truly supports people and a tax system which ensures that the richest individuals and largest corporations pay their fair share," added Ms Bennett, who is standing in Holborn and St Pancras.

The Green Party has 62,000 members and is the third largest political party in England and Wales.

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