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Buckskin flood victims accuse MP Maria Miller of no support

Basingstoke election candidates
Image caption The general election debate in Basingstoke was hosted BBC Radio Berkshire

Residents whose homes were severely flooded in the Basingstoke area have accused their long-standing MP of not providing any "support".

Denise Walker, from Buckskin, said she lost 44 years of memories when her house was flooded in February 2014.

She was among residents speaking to Conservative candidate Maria Miller at an election debate in Basingstoke.

Ms Miller, who has held the seat since 2005, said she had helped flood victims secure £2m of government funding.

Image caption Denise Walker, whose bungalow was severely damaged by flooding, was unable to return for nine months

Mrs Walker was unable to return to her bungalow, in Bodmin Close, on the Hampshire housing estate for nine months.

"I lost everything after 44 years of marriage," she said.

"Every day it doesn't go away... as soon as the rain comes down I think 'is it going to happen again?'"

Mrs Walker claimed she had not seen Mrs Miller in the aftermath of the flooding.

"I didn't see you around Buckskin or Bodmin Close at all," she said.

Image caption Basingstoke was severely hit by floods in February 2014

Ms Miller said: "What was really important was that we got central government help, so what I did was made sure that I went and spoke to the prime minister direct.

"I'm really pleased now that we've got £2m coming in to try to help stop this happening again."

Labour's Paul Harvey said: "We had to find emergency housing for people, we had to sort out emergency furniture. We had to look after those individual needs that everybody had. We want to see the soul in that community returned."

UKIP candidate, Alan Stone, said the area, which is built on a flood plain, needed better "surface drainage" such as "good old-fashioned ditches".

Liberal Democrat candidate, Janice Spalding, said experts needed to look at preventing water tables from building up and see if infrastructure was blocking them.

Independent candidate, Omar Selim, was not at the debate and there are no Green Party candidates for Basingstoke.

The candidates for the constituency are:

  • Paul Harvey (Labour)
  • Maria Miller (Conservative)
  • Omar Selim (Independent)
  • Janice Spalding (Liberal Democrat)
  • Alan Stone (UK Independence Party)

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