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Election 2015: Birmingham candidates rise to the Brumvotes challenge

Teval Stephens hiding in bush Image copyright David Lumb
Image caption Brumvotes asked Respect candidate Teval Stephens to hide around Birmingham for a Where's Wally-style challenge

Some photographs are inevitable in the run-up to a general election, with babies, animals and high vis vests all almost guaranteed to make an appearance. This year, the candidates have taken the campaigning to another level.

The BBC's Brumvotes project asked Birmingham candidates to take part in a series of lighthearted stunts, from showing off their ball skills to playing hide and seek in the city centre.

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Media captionAndrew Mitchell was among the candidates that took part in the kick-up challenge

Andrew Mitchell, Conservative candidate for Sutton Coldfield, was among the participants in a kick-up challenge - initially inspired by Aston Villa reaching the FA Cup final.

Labour's Gisela Stuart, Liberal Democrat John Hemming and the Green Party candidate Phil Simpson also took part.

Then there was an X-Factor-style sing-off, which saw Clair Braund, UKIP's parliamentary candidate for Birmingham Ladywood, attempt 90s classic Rhythm Of The Night.

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Media captionPoliticians in Birmingham have been trying to win votes with their singing voices.

Teval Stephens, standing for the Respect Party in Yardley, was pictured hiding in bushes for a Where's Wally-style picture challenge.

Other candidates were asked to show they had a sense of humour by telling jokes.

The city's parliamentary hopefuls have been quizzed on a bus, having a hair cut and slugging it out in a boxing ring.

Image caption Green Party candidate Joe Belcher and Liberal Democrat Lee Dargue took each other on in a boxing ring
Image caption Gisela Stuart was interviewed on a bus
Image caption Some of the candidates were interviewed while having their hair cut
Image caption Nick Clegg declined the opportunity to try the kick-up challenge

But not everyone has embraced the Brumvotes challenges.

Ed Miliband turned the invitation to take part in the kick-up challenge, while Nick Clegg dismissed the request during a visit to Solihull.

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