Election 2015 Northern Ireland

UKIP: 'Immigration at top of NI concerns'

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Media captionDavid McNarry launched the party's Northern Ireland manifesto

Immigration is "right at the top" of the concerns of people in Northern Ireland, according to UKIP.

Speaking at Stormont during a manifesto launch for the general election David McNarry said it was a much bigger issue than Europe.

The party is fielding 10 candidates in the general election.

Mr McNarry, the party's leader in Northern Ireland, said people had concerns about housing, health and schools but mainly immigration.

"Immigration is a bigger issue here in Northern Ireland than people would think and people are really concerned about immigration; concerned about the influx of people coming in here taking up room in schools, adding to hospital waiting lists etc so there's a big understanding exercise has got to be done as well," he said.

Key priorities


Main pledges

  • Rapid referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union
  • Control immigration with points system, limit of 50,000 skilled workers a year and a five-year ban on unskilled immigration
  • Extra £3bn a year for the NHS in England
  • No tax on the minimum wage
  • Meet Nato target of spending 2% of GDP on defence, and look to increase it “substantially”

"Europe not so much at the moment but immigration right at the top."

The party's policies include:

  • Increase GP opening hours where there is a demand
  • Removing tuition fees for students if they work at least five years in the UK
  • Opposing the Parades Commission trying to prevent legal parades involving expressions of cultural identity