Election 2015 Scotland

Election 2015: Send in your questions on international policy

Royal Regiment of Scotland, EU flag, UK Border Image copyright Getty Images

What questions about international policy and Scotland's relationship with the rest of the UK would you like to ask representatives from the four main political parties?

As part of its general election coverage, the BBC's Scotland 2015 programme has lined up a panel of guests to take your questions.

In the spotlight will be....

  • Angus Robertson, SNP MP
  • Murdo Fraser, an MSP for the Scottish Conservatives
  • Michael Moore, Scottish Liberal Democrat MP
  • Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour MP

Presenter Sarah Smith will be chairing the debate and the questions will be provided by you.

The 45-minute programme, being broadcast on BBC Two Scotland at 22:30 on Monday 20 April, will cover issues such as defence, Europe and immigration. We'll also be looking at Scotland's relationship with the rest of the UK.

Email your questions to Scotland.2015@bbc.co.uk - Please put "election debate" in the message field.

You can also post questions on social media by going to Scotland 2015's Twitter page @BBCScot2015