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Election 2015: Greens 'climate change reality' for Wales

Image caption Pippa Bartolotti says some coastal communities face being abandoned due to climate change

The Wales Green Party leader has said climate change is a reality for hundreds of thousands of people living in coastal communities.

Pippa Bartolotti also said that travellers had wrongly become accustomed to cheap flights.

The party's manifesto includes an aviation tax proposal.

In an interview for Wales Today she said: "There are fifty communities in Wales which are going to be abandoned to the rising tides.

"When it comes to climate change, it is here and it is hurting people.

"All of these hundreds of thousands of people who live in these communities, who know they are not going to be able to sell their houses, who know they are not going to get insurance, for these people climate change is a reality."

Inequality linked

In reference to the aviation tax, she said: "People have become accustomed to cheap flights wrongly because the government has favoured aviation fuel over all other kinds of fuel."

And Pippa Bartolotti also explained the connection the party makes between social inequality and climate change saying: "These two issues are inexorably linked together.

"You cannot expect people to be thinking about the environment when they are thinking about what they are going to eat tomorrow.

"So if we get social justice right, we can get climate change right but you cannot do one without the other."

The interview with Ms Bartolotti was the sixth in a series of Wales Today interviews with Welsh political leaders.

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