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Election 2015: Community issues 'key' to Tory win

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Media caption'Our messages were all local', says Jonathan Evans of the Tory campaign in Cardiff North

A campaign based on community issues in marginal seats was the key to election victory, the chairman of the Welsh Conservatives has said.

Jonathan Evans told BBC Radio Wales Labour campaigns were too generic and irrelevant to most voters.

He said issues such as the so-called bedroom tax were not decisive.

"There are 400 families affected by that supplement change in Cardiff North... that's a message going to 70,000 people," he said.

"Our messages however were all local, they were relevant to local concerns, very often they were personally addressed and very often they came from neighbours of those people."

Mr Evans told the Sunday Supplement programme: "I think the sophistication in the way that the Conservative party has now been campaigning in this election is something not yet picked up on.

"But it is something that we will certainly be carrying forward over the next 12 months (to the 2016 assembly election)."

Meanwhile Newport West Labour MP Paul Flynn said his party had to win over disillusioned voters to recover from election defeat, claiming ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband had been "a liability from day one" and that "contempt for the political system was deeply rooted".

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