Election 2016

Conservative Tim Passmore elected as Suffolk's PCC

Tim Passmore
Image caption Tim Passmore said he felt "humbled" to have been re-elected

Conservative Tim Passmore has been re-elected as Suffolk's police and crime commissioner.

Mr Passmore won the role after "second choice" votes were taken into consideration.

In his acceptance speech, the former leader of Mid-Suffolk District Council said he felt "humbled" and "honoured" to be re-elected with a big majority.

The second round was between Conservative candidate Tim Passmore and Labour candidate Cath Pickles.

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Suffolk Police: Second round votes
Candidate Party Number of votes
Tim Passmore Conservative 68,093
Cath Pickles Labour 41,631

Turnout in the election was higher than expected, with the figure at 24.47% over all, up from 16% in 2012.

As Mr Passmore did not secure a clear 50% of the vote, "second choice" votes had to be taken into account.

Image caption The count took place at Police Headquarters at Martlesham

Results after the first round of votes

Suffolk Police: First round votes
Candidate Party Number of votes
Terence Carter Green 7,501
Helen Korfanty Liberal Democrat 11,726
Tim Passmore Conservative 57,167
Cath Pickles Labour 32,268
Simon Tobin UKIP 22,094

Candidates are listed alphabetically by surname. BBC News App users: tap here to see the results.

More information is available on the Choose my PCC website.

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