Election 2016

Derby election: Labour hold control of city council

Conservatives in Derby
Image caption The Conservatives said they had a good night after reducing Labour's majority

Labour have retained control of Derby City Council by just 10 votes after the party had its majority reduced to one seat.

The party remains the largest on the authority but lost three seats, with Conservatives and UKIP making gains.

The council now consists of 26 Labour councillors, 17 Conservatives, five Liberal Democrats and three from UKIP.

However, the UKIP winner in Alvaston John Evans said there could be legal proceedings regarding his election.

The BBC understands police are investigating aspects of the Alvaston election.

Labour leader Ranjit Banwait said of the election: "What we have achieved is quite remarkable.

"We've delivered the toughest budget in the city's history and people thought we wouldn't be in power as a result."

Conservative leader Matthew Holmes said the party had made a "big step forward".

He said: "It's not just the gains we've got here, if you look at Normanton and Arboretum, we've made huge strides and this bodes well for the future."

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Image caption Labour leader Ranjit Banwait said the council's achievements had been "quite remarkable"