Northern Ireland Election 2016

NI election issues guide: Health

Northern Ireland goes to the polls on 5 May to elect a new assembly. Browse the parties' key health priorities below:

  • Seek an all-party approach to health service transformation which is evidence-based and consulted on locally
  • A comprehensive set of investments which place mental health at the core of the public health agenda
  • The creation of a comprehensive cancer strategy that includes parity of treatments with those available in the rest of the UK
  • Develop a social care system that encourages as many people as possible to remain in their homes and in their communities, receiving the full range of care needs and support
  • Seek to increase spending on health by at least £1bn by the end of the next assembly term
  • Employ at least 1,500 more nurses and midwives and 200 more consultants by the end of the next assembly term
  • Develop a new electronic health and care record to provide complete, accurate, up-to-date information about patients at every point of care, reduce discharge delays and increase the time medical professionals have with patients
  • Continue increasing investment in cancer care by at least an additional 10% and introduce a new comprehensive cancer care plan for the next decade
  • Oppose privatisation of the health service and oppose cuts to frontline services
  • Ensure equality of healthcare services for women, including the extension of the 1967 Abortion Act to Northern Ireland
  • Improve health outcomes for the LGBT community by promoting evidence-based and accessible healthcare
  • Promote the vision for mental health and learning disability services outlined in the Bamford Review
  • Establish cross-party consensus on health policy
  • Oppose privatisation of health service
  • Maintain focus on prevention and health promotion
  • Prioritise funding for mental health services
  • Create a modern, financially sustainable health and social care system that delivers universal, high quality and safe services, free at the point of delivery
  • Redistribute services from acute settings into community care - a total of £83m worth of services. Increase GP training places to 111
  • We'll introduce a fair and well deserved consolidated pay rise for nursing staff while opposing unfair changes to junior doctor contracts
  • The SDLP is committed to ensuring sufficient funds are made available to improve mental health services as set out in the Bamford Review and that funding is ring-fenced from any budget cuts
  • Deal effectively with hospital outpatient and inpatient waiting lists
  • Everyone newly diagnosed with cancer should have access to a clinical nurse specialist (CNS). A workforce census in 2014 revealed Northern Ireland had the lowest provision in the UK
  • Increased funding for community mental health services to support people in their recovery and further support early intervention strategies
  • TUV led the campaign for a helicopter emergency medical service for Northern Ireland. We will keep up the pressure for full delivery
  • Safe, quality and easily accessible healthcare
  • Improved diagnosis and treatment times in core areas, such as cancer and mental health services
  • Fair pay for our local NHS staff so that they stop being treated worse than their counterparts in Great Britain
  • Enhanced care in the community, such as greater treatments offered by GPs and support for the elderly
  • Ensure that the bulk of the £55m per day wasted on the EU, is put into our patient care for our own people
  • Demand a better deal for those unsung heroes called carers and their case for deserved better benefits
  • Ensure foreign health service workers are properly qualified and speak English to a standard accepted by the profession
  • Press the case for free car parking at hospitals for genuine patient visitors

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