Northern Ireland Election 2016

NI election issues guide: Tourism

Northern Ireland goes to the polls on 5 May to elect a new assembly. Browse the parties' key tourism priorities below.

  • Ensure a comprehensive tourism strategy is in place, with associated investments and support
  • Introducing a national parks bill in Northern Ireland. It is estimated that designation of a Mourne National Park could result in an additional £81m per annum in tourism revenue and result in over 2,000 jobs in the park and its hinterland
  • Establish an integrated strategy for cultural tourism. This strategy must provide a full appreciation of the unique cultural heritage we have to offer, and how these can be developed, managed and projected to a wider audience
  • Support bids for major sporting events to be held in Northern Ireland where the infrastructure exists
  • We are committed to driving up tourist spend in Northern Ireland to £1bn every year by 2020
  • The centenary of Northern Ireland in 2021 provides an opportunity to build on successful events over recent years to market Northern Ireland internationally
  • Seek to attract major events to Northern Ireland such as the Grand Depart of the Tour de France and a bid for the Commonwealth Games after hosting the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2021
  • Press the government at Westminster for a reduction in VAT for the tourism sector and a cut in Air Passenger Duty
  • Modernise licensing laws
  • Enhance protection of our natural environment including the introduction of national parks
  • Better connect our towns and our cities through improved public transport infrastructure
  • Invest in skills such as customer service and catering to enhance the visitor experience
  • Establish tourism as a £1bn industry by 2020
  • Provide £10m for rural tourism
  • Devolve Air Passenger Duty to create level playing field for tourism industry
  • Market Ireland as a single tourist destination
  • Our tourism and hospitality sectors require urgent reform to capitalise on our potential. We will ensure all our tourist destinations are given proper profile
  • Enhance tourism facilities on our coastline, mountains and other areas of outstanding natural beauty; reduce red tape and ensure full use of modern digital technology
  • It is time to reform the licensing laws in Northern Ireland to allow our restaurants, bars and hotels to continue attracting tourists from across the world
  • Continue to campaign for the rate of VAT in the tourism and hospitality sector to be reduced to 5%
  • Northern Ireland has many unique selling points when it comes to tourism, but is being held back and prevented from making the most of these selling points
  • On the international market Ireland is being marketed as a single destination by the cross-border body Tourism Ireland, hampering the development of tourism in Northern Ireland
  • Northern Ireland is putting a third of the money into Tourism Ireland and gets about 10% of the holidaymakers coming to the island. NI paying beyond its share must stop
  • A large number of Northern Ireland visitors come from mainland UK. TUV is committed to maintaining our port and airport links to ensure that this increases
  • Review the cost effectiveness of Tourism Ireland in promoting Northern Ireland as a tourist destination overseas
  • Improve accessibility for tourists by creating a level playing field between Northern Ireland airports and Dublin by pushing for the extension of the devolution of Air Passenger Duty and the lowering of its rate
  • Set a target of realising a yearly dividend of £50m through golf tourism by the time of the Open returning to Royal Portrush in 2019
  • Allocate financial transaction capital funding towards major strategic tourism projects identified in an updated Tourism Strategy
  • After a lengthy peace process it is time to develop a pro-tourism process
  • Back those who are willing to put their money into tourist initiatives, such as hotels and viable visitor centres. UKIP want to see investments increased to attract serious spending power tourists
  • Press for the costs for tourists to fly or sail from destinations in Great Britain to be reduced to increase numbers
  • Support the B&Bs, guest houses and small hotels in upgrading their marketing awareness for visitors and in increasing local business all year round

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