Northern Ireland Election 2016

NI Assembly election: Workers Party wants 10 bills in 100 days

Workers' Party
Image caption The party launched its manifesto outside the gates of Stormont

The Workers Party wants the new assembly to introduce 10 new bills in the first 100 days.

Ahead of 5 May's assembly election, the party launched its manifesto outside the gates of Stormont.

Issues examined in it include the economy, education and the environment.

The party's demands include a bill of rights, a same sex marriage bill, changes to abortion law and the introduction of voting rights at 16.

The party also wants to see an independent commission which would examine integrated education and they want the reinstatement of the Civic Forum.

The 23-page manifesto - 'Standing Against Austerity' - also contains a commitment to ban fracking and the party wants to overturn the ban on blood donations by gay men.


There were no Workers Party MLAs in the last assembly and in this election the party is standing candidates in four constituencies.

Workers Party spokesperson Lily Kerr said the party was offering a "socialist, secular, anti-sectarian" choice to the electorate.

She said the last assembly had turned Northern Ireland into a "repressive social backwater, with no substantive package of rights for its citizens".

She told the BBC "there is not a need for austerity" and that her party was throwing down a challenge to the next executive to introduce 10 bills in the first 100 days.

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