Scotland Election 2016

Holyrood election 2016: Where the parties stand on welfare

Voters in Scotland go to the polls on Thursday 5 May to choose their next MSPs. But where do the parties stand on key issues? Here we look at welfare.

  • create a Scottish Social Security Agency
  • abolish the bedroom tax
  • end the DWP approach to disability assessments and ensure that disability payments are not reduced or means tested
  • investment of more than £200m in key measures to "make social security fairer"

  • create Scotland's own social security agency
  • abolish the bedroom tax
  • new employment agency in Scotland

  • increase the rate of carers allowance to JSA level
  • devolve welfare powers further to local authorities
  • welfare system should be flexible and personalised
  • it should give those who can and want to work the opportunities and support to do so

  • increase the rate of carers allowance to JSA level
  • abolish the Bedroom Tax
  • work programme and work choices to work partnership with colleges and councils
  • use the new powers to help people who are at risk of losing their job, or entitlement to other benefits, because of a mental health problem

  • abolish the bedroom tax
  • create a citizens' income
  • abolish Workfare, lift the punitive sanction regime, halt the roll-out of Universal Credit and allow the Scottish Parliament to design a scheme that works with new devolved social security powers
  • set of a Social Security Commission to explore and recommend the principles on which a Scottish benefits system should be established

  • end the bedroom tax
  • end ATOS-style assessments, and allow GPs to make the decision
  • completely oppose any cuts to disability benefits and use Holyrood powers to mitigate any such cuts
  • increase carers allowance to match the highest level of JSA