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Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies publishes his tax return

Andrew RT Davies

Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies has joined other Welsh party leaders in publishing his tax affairs.

A document posted to Facebook showed his tax bill last year came to £23,080 on an income of £121,738.

Leaders of the Welsh Lib Dems, Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru followed the prime minister earlier this week in releasing details on what they pay in tax.

But UKIP Wales leader Nathan Gill said he would not "jump on the bandwagon".

Information about David Cameron's 2009-15 tax and earnings was released on Sunday in an attempt to defuse a row about his investment in his late father's offshore fund.

The row was sparked by a leak of documents from Panamanian firm Mossack Fonseca.

Image copyright Andrew RT Davies
Image caption Andrew RT Davies' tax details

Mr Davies, who made the disclosure on Wednesday, said: "Hopefully we can all now focus on the assembly campaign and the issues affecting people the length and breadth of Wales."

The document, titled a "personal tax computation", shows Mr Davies' income for 2014/15 came to £121,738, including £49,495 understood to relate to his farming income.

He had income tax due of £41,949, but after deductions of £20,639.60 his total liability came to £23,080.

Earlier this week it was disclosed that Labour leader Carwyn Jones had to pay £41,147 on a total income of £119,184.

Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood also took to Facebook to show she was charged £9,045 on a total income of £48,547.

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams faced a bill of £15,281 on income of £64,143.

Mr Jones', Ms Williams' and Ms Wood's disclosures also cover the tax year 2014/15.

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