Wales Election 2016

Welsh election: 'Abolish assembly' campaign continues

David Bevan
Image caption David Bevan claims the Welsh Assembly was created for the benefit of politicians, not the people

A campaign to abolish the Welsh Assembly will continue, after it beat the Lib Dems in two of the five regional lists at Thursday's election.

It took sixth place with 44,286 votes, 4.4% of the total, ahead of the Greens' 3% and beating the Lib Dems in North Wales and South Wales East.

Spokesman David Bevan claimed the assembly benefitted "career politicians", not the Welsh people.

He said the election result was "a foundation stone for the fight-back".

The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party put up candidates on the regional lists, claiming abolition would save the taxpayer £500m a year.

'In the way'

"We got 44,286 votes despite the fact that perhaps most voters were either still unaware of our existence or were, at least, taken by surprise at the last moment," Mr Bevan told BBC Wales.

"I urge everyone to consider the possibility that the Welsh Assembly was not designed for the benefit of the Welsh people, but for the benefit of the career politicians.

"They get big salaries, expenses and pensions. What do we get? The bill.

"Issues that are perhaps best devolved can be made the responsibility of our local authorities and their 1,265 councillors. That really would be power closer to the people.

"We think the assembly just gets in the way while costing far more than it would take to keep Port Talbot steel works operating.

"We consider our result in this election to be a foundation stone for the fight-back.

"We have drawn a line in the sand. We will keep this movement going."

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