US Election 2016

US election 2016: Sanders beats Clinton in Wyoming caucuses

Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane at a rally in Laramie, Wyoming, 5 April Image copyright AP
Image caption Despite his victory in Wyoming, Bernie Sanders still has a long way to go

Bernie Sanders has won the latest stage in the battle for the Democratic nomination in the US presidential poll by securing victory in Wyoming.

The state's 14 delegates will be awarded proportionally. Mr Sanders has won seven of the latest eight states.

However rival Hillary Clinton maintains a clear lead in the overall race. Both are concentrating their efforts on the key New York primary later this month.

In the Republican race, Ted Cruz won a clean sweep in Colorado.

In state assemblies which culminated on Friday, Mr Cruz won 21 delegates and a further 13 at the Colorado Republican Convention on Saturday.

But Donald Trump still has a comfortable lead in the overall nomination race for the Republicans.

Mr Cruz has 545 Republican delegates to 743 for Mr Trump. Mr Cruz is hoping to win at least enough votes to block an outright win for Mr Trump and force a decision at the party's convention in July.

The next big prize for both parties is the New York primaries on 19 April: 291 delegates are at stake for the Democrats and 95 for Republicans.

Despite Saturday's win in the Wyoming caucuses, Mr Sanders still has only 1,068 delegates to 1,756 for Mrs Clinton, when the latter's 469 superdelegates are added to the tally. To win, a candidate needs 2,383.

The presidential election itself, on 8 November, will see America vote for a successor to Barack Obama, a Democratic president standing down after two terms in office which have seen the Republicans take control of both houses of Congress.

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Image caption Mrs Clinton remains favourite to win the Democratic nomination
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Image caption Ted Cruz has been campaigning in New York
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Image caption Donald Trump has also been campaigning in New York, his home city

Next contests

19 April: New York primary

26 April: Primaries in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island