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Today 27.03.2015


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Alex Krasodomski considers the role twitter will play in the election. Writing in the Spectator , the Demos social media analyst says: "A million people expressing the same opinion can be a mob," but he concludes "In the end, that’s perhaps the unfortunate price to pay. If you need more evidence about the democratic role social media can play, take a look at the countries which suppress it."

Twitter logo
Twitter logo

Election issues: Local government

Town halls across England will be looking to Westminster for news of how much money they will get to maintain local services - as well as how much power they get to take their own decisions.

MP stands down after 38 years: 'There's a sadness about it'

80 year-old Labour MP for Great Grimsby Austin Mitchell stands down after 38 years in parliament.

Undecided voters review the first leaders' TV programme

Undecided voters have reviewed David Cameron and Ed Miliband's performances in the first set-piece TV broadcast of the election.

Election issues: The European Union

The UK's relationship with Europe has always been rocky. But the next five years will decide whether Britain has any future in the EU at all.

'Bias' against Miliband

PoliticsHome carries the story that more than 400 people have complained to Ofcom and Channel 4 suggesting there was bias against Ed Miliband during last night’s leader interview.

Kay Burley and Ed Miliband
Kay Burley and Ed Miliband

Election profile: The Scottish Green Party

The Scottish Greens are fielding candidates in 32 of the 59 Scottish constituencies at the 7 May election. Here, the BBC's Andrew Black looks at where it all began for the party.

Election profile: Scottish National Party

The Scottish Nationalists will be fighting all 59 Scottish seats at the general election on 7 May. Here the BBC's Andrew Black looks at where is all began for the party.

Election profile: Respect Party

Respect was born out of the anti-war movement and emphasises a need for unity among Britain's working-class communities.

Queen's Speech

Downing Street has announced the date of the Queen's Speech . It will be 19 days after the general election.

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