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Amy Winehouse: Your Tributes

An inquest into the death of Amy Winehouse has been opened and adjourned until 26 October.

During the two-minute hearing, the court was told that a post-mortem examination had been carried out and there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

Fans have been gathering outside her north London home to pay tribute to her. Here is a selection of memories from BBC News website readers:

Lottie Plimmer

Image caption Lottie Plimmer: "I had a bad break-up and her music got me through"

I was a massive fan of Amy's from the beginning.

I sing and play the guitar and she was my idol, my musical inspiration.

Not only for her music, but her attitude and her lyrics. Some of her songs still leave me speechless.

I think it was that her lyrics were so true. If you see any interviews with her she says her lyrics were always about what she was doing at the time.

I had a bad break-up and her music got me through.

I saw her live on 14 November 2007. To be honest, she was clearly pretty drunk and was just a tiny shadow on the stage but she was still amazing, just phenomenal.

She's like the Etta James and Sarah Vaughan of this generation.

Her voice was a true gift and it's wonderful her voice will be heard and her message will be shared for generations to come.

It's so sad that her problems caught up with her, it's such a tragic loss.

Tony Leggett

Image caption Tony Leggett: "She was absolutely magnificent as a performer"

I saw Amy live three times, twice at Glastonbury in 2007 when she was magnificent, particularly in her set on the jazz stage - as good a female singer as there has ever been.

I love live music and her act on the jazz stage was possibly the best thing I've ever seen live.

I'm a massive fan and one of the reasons we went to Glastonbury was to see Amy Winehouse.

She was absolutely magnificent as a performer and it was a privilege to see her.

The following year at Glastonbury we were right at the front for her set. Sadly, she was a shambles on the pyramid stage, a shadow of her former self.

It was heartbreaking to see how far she'd dropped in a year.

We have long hoped she would be back to grace the stage with her talent, but it was not to be and she joins Janis Joplin in the great choir in the sky. It's a great sadness.

Sam Thompson

Image caption Sam Thompson: "My ringtone on my mobile phone was set to Valerie and I had to change it"

I saw Amy in 2006 on Top of the Pops performing Rehab, she was fabulous.

It was at the BBC studios at Shepherd's Bush in London. It was a Sunday afternoon and I went with a couple of friends.

We didn't know who would be performing and we were really pleased when we found out we'd hear her sing.

She sang Rehab two or three times. She was fabulous and she looked lovely.

I'm definitely a fan and I was very upset on Saturday. My ringtone on my mobile phone was set to Valerie and I had to change it.

It was just too upsetting to hear it - it's all too raw just now. I'll eventually change it back, but not now.

Claire Henry

Image caption "Her beautful and tragic lyrics spoke to us all"

I saw Amy perform at the Oxegen festival just outside Dublin in 2008.

It was at the height of her problems and there was so much curiosity surrounding her performance - and in fact if she would turn up at all. But turn up she did.

I remember feeling so nervous about what state she would be in and if she would perform well, but she came on and she looked a million dollars.

I remember being really shocked when I saw her as I expected her to be a bit of a mess, but she wasn't.

She was really small, really pretty and really tense. She was coherent and together and while she didn't interact much with the crowd she smiled and danced the whole way through the set and I felt so relieved that she'd done so well.

It shows what an excellent performer she really was, despite all her problems.

The crowd loved her music and her beautiful and tragic lyrics spoke to us all and will live in musical history forever.