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Napoleon Dynamite coming to television in cartoon form

Napoleon Dynamite as Fox's cartoon and the 2004 movie starring John Heder
Image caption Napoleon Dynamite in cartoon form, and played by John Heder in the 2004 film

Cult film Napoleon Dynamite is returning as a cartoon to US television network Fox.

The animated spin-off of the 2004 movie, about the life of a geeky teenager living in rural Idaho, will make its debut on 15 January.

The film's original cast, including leading man John Heder, are voicing their cartoon counterparts.

Heder, 34, joked that this is an advantage as they are "all old and flabby" now.

The actor, who portrayed his awkward alter ego with frizzy blond hair and large spectacles, told Reuters that a successful animation show "can go on forever".

"It is kind of a part of me and it probably will be for the rest of my life.

"That's why I have no problem coming back and doing Napoleon again," he added.

But he admitted to being disappointed that the character was now just his voice and has not captured any of his movements for Napoleon.

One of the film's most memorable moments sees Heder performing a dance routine to Jamiroquai song Canned Heat.

New characters will also appear in the animated series, which joins cartoon shows including Family Guy and The Simpsons on the network.

The 2004 cinema release went on to make $46m (£29.5m) at the box office around the world and was recognised at a number of award ceremonies, including the MTV and Teen Choice awards.

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