Africa Beats: Ugandan singer Tshila performs Khube Atwela


In the first of a new series showcasing Africa's new musical talent, Ugandan singer Tshila performs her song Khube Atwela.

Tshila gave up a promising career in computer science in the United States to dedicate herself to music.

Like many middle-class African children, she was not encouraged to learn music.

But, as an adult, she became determined to pursue her passion and to reconnect with her culture.

She believes music is powerful and can be a force for change in her country.

Tshila describes her music, which is largely acoustic, as afro-fusion - it combines traditional instruments, rhythms and melodies with modern hip-hop and spoken word poetry.

She sings in English, Kiswahili and her mother tongue, Lugisu.

In 2007, Tshila was named one of the 20 best unsigned artists in the world in a BBC talent search called "The Next Big Thing".

Video produced by Owain Rich.

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