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Ronnie Corbett: Four candles tribute

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Media captionFour candles: Ronnie Corbett's most famous sketch?

Fans of Ronnie Corbett have been remembering the comedian with one of his best-known sketches after the news of his death.

Arguably one of the most famous created by the Two Ronnies was the mix-up between "fork handles" and "four candles".

People have been using the hashtags #fourcandles and #forkhandles as a tribute and images likes these have been shared online.

Jonathan McKendry tweeted this

Image copyright Jonathan McKendry/Twitter

Four candles on fork handles, as tweeted by Dave.

Image copyright Dave / Twitter

Birdie tweeted this drawing of four candles.

Image copyright BIRDIE/Twitter

Jack Lambert tweeted an image of various forks.

Image copyright Jake Lambert/Twitter

Marlborough Rug Co. has been there and got the t-shirt.

Image copyright Marlborough Rug Co./Twitter

And this appropriate image of four lit candles from #dothejobbetter.

Image copyright #dothejobbetter/Twitter

Compiled by Andree Massiah

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