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Stars react to Orlando nightclub shootings

Orlando police officers direct family members away from a fatal shooting at Pulse Orlando nightclub in Orlando, Florida - 12 June 2016 Image copyright AP

Stars have been reacting on social media to the tragic shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, which left 50 dead on Sunday.

A number of gay celebrities have also voiced their support for the LGBT community and victims, including Ricky Martin and Ellen Page.

JK Rowling expressed her grief after hearing one of the victims worked on a Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios.

"He was 22 years old. I can't stop crying," she tweeted.

The author later said she was praying for another victim who is said to be in intensive care.

Image copyright JK Rowling Twitter
Image caption Luis Vielma was a rides attendant at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando

Actress Page, who came out as gay in 2014, tweeted: "My heart goes out to the victims and their families. Our community has suffered a tremendous loss. We must stand together more than ever."

Singer Ricky Martin added: "I am gay and I am not afraid. Love conquers all."

Gay icon Boy George tweeted he was feeling "unconsolable sadness", while former NSync star Lance Bass expressed his support for his "gay brothers and sisters".

Image copyright Twitter
Image caption The LGBT community were quick to voice their sympathies on social media

Other stars who took to social media included Lady Gaga who said: "It's a traumatising and emotional time for a many people. I dream of the world reflecting on what we can do to change this violence."

Ariana Grande wrote: "How can one have so much hate? My heart is so broken. Praying for the families of the Orlando victims. I am so sorry!"

Actress Minnie Driver said: "No words for more senseless killing. Love to all the families suffering today." Seth MacFarlane also wrote: "These shootings are a regular occurrence. You don't get to be 'shocked' anymore unless you take action to stop them. Ban automatic weapons."

Singer John Legend asked: "When will we do something to prevent these killing sprees?" with Josh Groban adding: "When does it end?"

At the Isle of Wight festival, Queen and guest vocalist Adam Lambert dedicated the song Who Wants to Live Forever to the victims.

An emotional Lambert introduced the track, saying: "This song is dedicated to those who lost their lives in Orlando, Florida, and anyone who has been a victim of senseless violence or hatred."

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