In pictures: Heavy rainfall sweeps the UK

The Met Office has issued yellow and amber warnings for rain, wind and snow as the UK looks set for yet more bad weather with parts of the Somerset Levels and areas near the Thames in Berkshire and Surrey still flooded.

A car sits in flood water besides agricultural buildings on the Somerset Levels near Burrowbridge.

Soldiers of 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh fill sandbags as they help protect properties in Gloucester.

Members of a river level assessment team make their way towards flooded houses next to the Thames.

Volunteers try to support a wall in danger of collapse due to the weather in Burrowbridge, Somerset.

A woman struggles with an umbrella during high winds in Ballymena, County Antrim, as the Met Office issues severe weather warnings for Northern Ireland.

In Shepperton Derrick Foxwell attempts to dislodge his boat that has become stuck on its mooring outside his house.

A drain gushes with water in a flooded field next to the River Thames.

In Staines, one household has moved its motorbikes in to the kitchen so they can dry out after being damaged by flood water.

A police officer checks a property in Worcester.

South-west England has seen torrential rain, with strong winds in the Isles of Scilly and snow on higher ground.

An official from Gloucester City Council speaks to a man whose home is protected by a bank of sandbags.

Princes William and Harry have joined troops trying to protect homes from storms sweeping southern Britain. A spokesman from Kensington Palace said: "They wanted to show their support for the flood victims and have joined the armed forces' relief effort."

Another resident of Gloucester, Richard Perry looks out of the back door of his house as residents in the area brace themselves for flooding as the River Severn continues to swell.

In Staines-upon-Thames a man makes his way through the flooded streets.

Image caption Prime Minister David Cameron talks to a builder who is repairing a building that was damaged in the recent bad weather in Blackpool, Lancashire.
Image caption The Somerset village of Moorland remains flooded with Sam Notaro's home standing alone against the flood water behind his own hastily-constructed barrier.

An RAF Tornado jet captured detailed aerial pictures of areas affected by the floods on Thursday using a Raptor - Reconnaissance Air Pod for Tornado. The imagery will be used to help plan the response to the floods, such as here in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire.