In pictures: Ukraine deal reached amid tensions

Tensions appear to have eased in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, after President Viktor Yanukovych signed an agreement with opposition leaders to end the political crisis.

Dozens were killed in clashes on Thursday, after a truce agreed between both sides collapsed.

Some readers may find images of the violence distressing.

Image caption A protester carries flowers to a spot in central Kiev where a demonstrator was killed in clashes with police on Thursday. The violence eased on Friday after President Yanukovych and opposition leaders signed a deal leading to an early presidential poll before the end of the year.
Image caption The agreement was reached following late-night talks between Mr Yanukovych and European foreign ministers. The pact provides for a national unity government, electoral reform and constitutional changes reducing the president's power.
Image caption Earlier on Friday, protesters were preparing for another day of confrontation by building barricades in Kiev's Independence Square.
Image caption Despite days of attempts to clear the demonstrators, their camp still occupies much of the square, the focal point of the protest movement.
Image caption Police leave their position at the Ukrainian parliament. There were still reports of isolated outbursts of violence in central Kiev on Friday morning.
Image caption MPs once again began their parliamentary session with scuffles, as the speaker tried to adjourn a debate about constitutional reform.
Image caption An image of jailed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko hangs over protesters. Her release was a condition of the EU deal that the Ukrainian president rejected in November, after parliament voted against freeing her.
Image caption Poland's foreign minister said that Friday's deal was a "good compromise for Ukraine" which would open the way "to reform and to Europe".
Image caption A protester adds rubber fuel to the fires generating the acrid black smoke that has enveloped the square for much of this protest
Image caption Medical workers add red crosses to their gowns at a makeshift hospital in the lobby of the Hotel Ukraine, to which many of the injured have been taken.
Image caption There was no let-up in the violence overnight. Here, protesters carry a catapult - used to hurl petrol bombs and missiles at police - to the front line.
Image caption A man holds the hand of his dead son during the transfer of over a dozen corpses from a hotel lobby to a local hospital on Thursday night.
Image caption Anger at the crackdown has spread abroad, with this woman holding a Ukrainian flag with red paint spattered on it to represent blood, in front of the Ukrainian embassy in Warsaw, Poland.