24 photographers capture 24 hours

Photographs by the 24 House team

Each year 24 photographers document the first 24 hours of every New Year, each one tasked with capturing a single moment within their allotted hour.

The original 24 met while on a postgraduate photography course at Central Saint Martin's in London more than 10 years ago and this is the 11th year of the series which they hope will run for 24 years.

Although their various careers have all led them down different paths they reunite to continue towards their goal, though some new photographers have joined the project to replace any unable to contribute each year.

This year the work was curated by photographer Antonio Olmos who said: "I really enjoyed looking at and curating the work of the 24 photographers... The individual visions coalesce into making an amazing body of work."

Six prints from the project will be auctioned off in aid of Hope and Homes for Children and the work is on show at London's Soho Square until 22 March.

Here's a selection of the work form 2014.

06:00 Colin Blackstock

Bus stop

"On my way home from work I went through central London and passed this young woman waiting for a bus on the Victoria embankment, which had been sealed off earlier for the fireworks. I just felt this scene encapsulated how the revelry of New Year's Eve turns into exhaustion and the inevitable drawn out journey home on New Year's Day."

07:00 Lydia Evans

Man walking dog

"I had walked around for 45 minutes of my hour when it was still in darkness. People yet to sleep heading home from a party, crossing the path of those of us that had just got up. I was struggling for inspiration when as I turned back on to the main street the festive window of the shop Rise literally shone out at me.

"It struck me as the perfect image for that hour on New Years Day, with its light spilling out into the early grey/blue street light just before the sun has fully emerged. The way the glow from its window illuminated the path made my think of a theatrical stage set, with a glimpse of an early riser walking his dog off stage left."

08:00 Sarah Lucy Brown

Beach at Thorpeness in Suffolk

"The east coast of England has recently seen the worst tidal surge for 60 years. Sandbags, which have been installed in an effort to protect this vulnerable coastline from the ravages of the North Sea, are now part of the landscape at the ever shifting shingle beach at Thorpeness in Suffolk.

"The power and beauty of the sea never ceases to amaze me and I am fascinated by the shapes and textures that the defences have created. It is one of my favourite places in Suffolk and I really wanted it to be part of my 24 journey."

09:00 Nicky Willcock

Railway trucks

"24 has always provided an opportunity for me to draw on my personal context, to take stock every year and reflect on where life is placed, right there, right then. To benchmark the year. The joy of the project is the narrative that is then formed ongoing.

"When viewed as a whole, a personal journey through rough and smooth, relationships, projects, countries, life stages, even life and death...

"Each year the context of my surroundings provides the platform and content to then sculpt into my personal message. For me it's about projection of a sense of self into the environment and allowing it to play back into the lens to tell the plot of my hour and the sub-plot of my year."

13:00 Guy Bell

Nightclub entrance

"The post holiday-season haze allows plenty of time for reflection. This image both amused and saddened me, with its opulent and over-the-top nightclub entrance contrasted by the waste it had produced. In one of the richest areas in the world, this was made all the more poignant by a homeless man asleep in a doorway across the street."

14:00 Julien Buckley


"At New Years, sometimes Singapore can feel more like technology mimicking nature rather than the real thing."

15:00 Christophe Grothgar

Sun on the water

"The photograph was taken just south of Munich. We were standing out on a pier and counting ourselves lucky to enjoy nature in all it's beauty.

"I am always fascinated how quiet everyone becomes, not to miss a moment when faced with nature's sunsets and it's splendid display of colours, balance and peace. It demonstrates this harmony and understanding.

"With landscapes like this, there is not much you can say... I guess it speaks more on the inside.

"So it's ok to be quiet but equally I find that when nature is abused on a grand scale it is important to scream and shout."

17:00 Candida Jones

Father and daughter on a London bus

"What attracted me to the scene was how it somehow reminded me of being at home. Although we were all on the bus together, on a cold, wet day, I caught my daughter resting against her dad with the bright lights of London shining behind them and it reminded me of snuggling up to my own Dad by the light of the open fire at Christmas at home.

"I guess ultimately the two images - me by the fire at home with Dad and my husband and daughter on the bus together - strongly speak to me of family and feeling safe and loved."

20:00 Claire Spreadbury

People playing table tennis

"'You've got to keep children busy, make sure they have a hobby,' someone once told me when talking about the pitfalls of adolescence.

"These permanent, free table tennis tables are a brilliant symbol of regeneration. The scheme is huge in every sense - money, political, business, social and yet it has also brought about small, personal differences, which are a wonderful vision of hope."

22:00 Yvonne De Rosa

Elena and Luca in Piazza Unita' di Italia. Trieste, Italy

"The kids were having lots of fun and we were on our Way to a Dinner Party. I knew it was my assigned time to take my 24 picture and I wanted to capture that joyful moment.

"I asked the kids to stop for one second and look at me. Suddenly aware of my gaze, they gave me a very serious look. Immediately after the shot they started laughing again but the moment had gone.

"I was happy with the picture though, as I found the contrast between the funky glasses and their serious expression even funnier."

23:00 Alexander Kenney

White bicycle

"Thirteen cyclists were killed on the streets of London in 2013. The white bikes dotted around London mark the spot a cyclist has died.

"These tragedies are made worse by the resulting debates, which focus on who to blame. We need to realign the debate to work out how to avoid these tragedies in the future, for the health of cyclists and drivers."

You can see more of the work and that from past year's on the group's website.

Phil Coomes Article written by Phil Coomes Phil Coomes Picture editor

Halfway point in 24-year photo project

Twenty-four photographers recording the first 24 hours of each year reach the halfway point of their 24-year-long project.

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