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BBC News website readers have been sending us their pictures of events making headlines this week.

Image copyright Ignacio Benavides

A court in Venezuela has rejected a bail application by Leopoldo Lopez, arrested more than a month ago and one of the leaders of recent protests in opposition to the government. "The demonstrations are for freedom and democracy by students and other peaceful citizens in Venezuela" explains photographer Ignacio Benavides.

Image copyright Yu-Chiao, Huang

Taiwan's parliament was occupied this week by students protesting the government's attempt to pass a controversial trade agreement with China, part of many demonstrations in the city of Taipei, as photographed by Huang Yu-Chiao.

Image copyright Hung-yi Chien

Amidst the nights of continued protest, Hung-yi Chien sent us this image of Yu Shyi-kun, former premier and chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party, holding forth among students.

Image copyright Veronika Tomanova

Inside the Legislative Yuan, the Taiwanese Parliament, the student occupants hang their slogans and make their speeches. Veronika Tomanova, who took this photo, explained that the media is permitted in and out of the building, which is itself surrounded by the police.

Image copyright Astrid Busser Casas

The week began with the funeral procession of Adolfo Suarez, the first prime minister of Spain after Franco. Suarez's coffin passed through Madrid before a burial service in Avila. "All the streets were flanked by people who were visibly affected by the loss of such a great man," explained photographer Astrid Busser Casas.

Image copyright Ian Tait

Ian Tait took this picture of a fire engulfing the Thong Khan Kham markets of Vientiane, Laos, this week. The markets, the largest in the city, were destroyed.

Image copyright @TelcoAG

Among the many photos and videos uploaded to YouTube and Twitter earlier this week of a fire in an apartment block under construction in Houston, Texas, USA was this image showing the moment the building collapsed. Photo: @TelcoAG

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