In Pictures

Day in pictures: 31 July 2014

A selection of images from around the world taken over the past 24 hours.

A wild dog puppy at Rome Zoo
Rome Zoo announced the birth of two African wild dog puppies.
Fire services douse flames after a fire ripped through the pier in Eastbourne on 30 July 2014
Firefighters managed to salvage two-thirds of Eastbourne Pier, in the south of England, after a blaze broke out on Wednesday engulfing its wooden panelling.
Uyghur men walk in front of the Id Kah Mosque, China's largest mosque, on 31 July 2014 in Kashgar, Xinjiang Province, China
The imam of China's largest mosque, the Id Kah mosque in the ancient city of Kashgar, was stabbed to death after morning prayers on Wednesday.
Debris near the polluted waters of Guanabara Bay between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi on 30 July 2014
The build-up of rubbish and debris remains a major problem for Brazil's Guanabara Bay, which is due to be the site of sailing events for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
French President Francois Hollande drinks a coffee inside a cafe in Paris on 31 July 2014 after a ceremony to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the assassination of French socialist leader Jean Jaures
French President Francois Hollande reflects in the Parisian cafe where French socialist leader Jean Jaures was assassinated exactly 100 years ago.
Indian farmer Vangala Anji Reddy works in a parched paddy field at Medak district, some 60km from Hyderabad on 31 July 2014.
A farmer works in his paddy field despite below-average rainfall during India's monsoon season.
Festival goers attend the 2014 Wacken Open Air heavy metal music festival on the eve of the first official concerts on 30 July 2014 in Wacken, Germany.
Some 75,000 festival goers have thronged to the German village of Wacken for the start of a four-day heavy metal music festival.