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Your week in pictures

You have been sending us your photos of news stories across the globe this week. Here is a small selection of them.

Image copyright Bonny Price

Earlier this week, ahead of the Scottish referendum vote, both sides in the campaign made efforts to sway over four million registered voters. Bonny Price sent us this picture of "Yes" campaigners out on the streets of Edinburgh.

Image copyright Bonny Price

The "No" supporters were also outside polling stations in Edinburgh on Thursday. Photo: Bonny Price.

Image copyright Cal Ampleford

Police made six arrests on Friday after separating groups of rival Unionists and independence supporters in Glasgow. While the majority of Scotland had voted to stay in the union, Glasgow was one of the few cities to say yes to independence. Cal Ampleford took this photo in George Square shortly before the mounted police arrived.

Image copyright Luke O'Callaghan

Many parts of the southern England were affected by lightning and other adverse weather on Friday. Luke O'Callaghan who took this photo early on Friday morning said: "I didn't get much sleep that night".

Image copyright Kavit Pala

The weather caused disruption for rail travellers in east London, as commuters faced delays after heavy rain led to flooding on some railway lines in East Anglia. Kavit Pala's street in east London was also affected.

Image copyright Mehul Hirani

This photo sent by Mehul Hirani, also from London, shows the impact of flooding in his neighbourhood. Mehul said: "There was flooding outside my house, we had heavy rain and hailstones!"

Image copyright Ross McCarthy

Schools in Sierra Leone have been on a three-day lock down to help stop the spread of Ebola in the country. Ross McCarthy in Freetown, said: "Children were being taught in homes. It shows their desire to learn despite schools being shut."

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