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Your week in pictures

You have been sending your photos of news stories around the globe this week. Here is a selection of them:

Image copyright Brian Doyle

Heavy rain and rough sea conditions flooded parts of the Scottish coastal town of Stonehaven on Tuesday. Brian Doyle took this dramatic photo of a huge wave crashing into the harbour wall. A number of residents were also evacuated from their seafront homes due to bad the weather. Photo: Brian Doyle.

Image copyright Tom Coward

A total lunar eclipse has been visible across the Americas and Asia this week , resulting in a dramatic red-tinted moon. Tom Coward was in a field in Japan when he captured this photo. Take a look at our 'Blood Moon' photo gallery.

Image copyright Gren Owen

A US fighter jet crashed in a field in Lincolnshire, UK earlier this week. The pilot escaped with minor injuries. Gren Owen was in the area and took this picture showing black smoke billowing from the wreckage.

Image copyright Gorkem Keser

The Syrian town of Kobane has seen growing unrest between the Islamic State and Kurdish forces. Gorkem Keser took this photo of protesters linking hands to form a human chain in Taksim Square, Istanbul. "They gathered to show solidarity with the people of Kobane. They marched against ISIS and the policies of the Turkish", he said.

Image copyright Megan Bradley

On Saturday, a march in support of Kobane's resistance to ISIS attacks took place in Westminster, London, UK. Megan Bradley took this photo of the event. "I was touched at how passionately the crowds chanted for their message to be heard", she said. ‚Äč

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