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Democracy Day: Your protest posters

As the BBC marks the 750th anniversary of the first elected parliament at Westminster and 800 years since the signing of Magna Carta with a special Democracy Day, we show off the protest pictures you've been sharing with us from around the world.

Image copyright Kwame Ibegbuna

Fifteen-year-old Mariama from Manchester, England, who is involved with the Reclaim project, holds a sign showing her solidarity with Pakistani children after a school was attacked in school attacks in Peshawar in December when at least 140 people were killed. Photo taken by Kwame Ibegbuna.

Image copyright Anna Vilette

Children in Wiltshire, South West England, demonstrate against their local park being earmarked for development. Anna Villette, who took the picture, says: 'Green spaces are part of the social glue that hold villages together."

Image copyright Anne Louise Kershaw

Anne Louise Kershaw took this photo of the 'No more Page Three' campaigners who were demonstrating about the lack of reporting of women's achievements in the media and the constant focus on their appearances. Page 3 in The Sun newspaper often features topless models.

Image copyright Mary Simpson

Mary Simpson tweeted this photo which she took in September 2014, of protesters in Glasgow, Scotland, speaking out against what they see as biased coverage from the BBC.

Image copyright Kevin Sharkey

BBC journalist Kevin Sharkey took this photo of members of local residents who oppose the plans to build a huge student campus in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They say it will destroy the character of an area which is already in desperate need of social housing.

Image copyright Bahrain Center for Human Rights

Protesters took to the streets in Bahrain, demanding the release of Sheikh Ali Salman, as this picture from the Bahrain Center for Human Rights illustrates. The opposition leader was arrested after a day of questioning at the interior ministry.

Image copyright Zhou Fang

Zhou Fang sent in this picture of her home in Tianjin, China, in November 2014 before, she alleges, the Tianjin Historical Architecture Restoration And Development Co. Ltd. took it away from her family by force.

Image copyright Robin reeve

Robin Reeve took this photograph of a chalk drawing on a street in London, England, on 11 January at the demonstration in solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo shooting and related attacks in Paris.

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