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Your week in pictures

You have been sending your photos of news stories around the globe this week. Here is a selection of them:

Image copyright Michael Elliott

The expected snowfall in New York, USA billed as 'historic' didn't materialise. Michael Elliott took this picture in New York City. He said this street is always busy "with traffic... buses, trucks and taxis." He added that a nearly empty Manhattan street is a "very rare sight."

Image copyright Charlotte Eames

A number of planes were delayed and some flights were cancelled at Manchester Airport in the UK this week after snowy conditions also swept the north of the UK. Charlotte Eames sent in this picture whilst waiting for her plane to take off.

Image copyright Eliezer S

Across the Atlantic, there was much heavier snowfall in Newark, USA, but international flights were still departing. Eliezer S sent us her picture of the snow covered tarmac, as she waited to board her flight.

Image copyright Carol Backhouse

This week saw the first female bishop in the Church of England. Carol Backhouse sent us her picture of a group of trainee vicars at Westcott House Theological College in Cambridge, UK, celebrating Reverend Libby Lane's achievement.

Image copyright Benjamin Douch

As the National Grid announces its plan to dismantle a large number of gas holders across the country, Benjamin Douch sent us his picture of the Bethnal Green gas holder, which is one of those under threat.

Image copyright AP

Hundreds of people marched for Aboriginal rights, disrupting official Australia Day celebrations in Melbourne, Australia. Jolyon Philcox sent us this picture of some of the protesters gathered on the steps of Parliament House in the city centre.

Image copyright ALAMY

Heavy snowfall hit parts of the UK this week. As it melted, Derwent Reservoir - which was the practice ground of the Dam Busters - reached full capacity. Benjamin Hall used a drone to capture this image in the Peak District.

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