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Day in pictures: 5 February 2015

Our selection of some of the best news photographs taken around the world during the past 24 hours.

Image copyright EPA
Image caption Al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste has returned to Brisbane, Australia, to be reunited with his family following his release from an Egyptian prison. Mr Greste and two colleagues were arrested in 2013. They were convicted of spreading false news and aiding the banned Muslim Brotherhood.
Image copyright FAZRY ISMAIL/epa
Image caption Security guards knock on the door of an aeroplane carrying the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, and his wife after their arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, in Sepang, Malaysia. The visit coincides with a row between the two countries over an advert in Malaysia for a robot vacuum cleaner that told consumers: "Fire your Indonesian maid now."
Image copyright MATT DUNHAM/AP
Image caption People look at the four surviving original copies of Magna Carta, in the Queen's Robing Room at the Houses of Parliament in central London. Written in 1215, Magna Carta laid the foundations for democracy in Britain.
Image copyright Amir Cohen/reuters
Image caption A surfer rides a wave during a night-time competition in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod.
Image copyright Carlo Allegri/reuters
Image caption A runner taking part in the 38th Annual Empire State Building Run-Up is pictured arriving on the 86th floor of the New York building.
Image copyright Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Image caption The Prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, are seen during a visit to the Art Workers' Guild in London.
Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Rescue teams in Taiwan are continuing to search for the 12 people who remain unaccounted for after a plane crashed in a river. Thirty-one people are now known to have died when the TransAsia ATR-72 plane came down in Taipei's Keelung River on Wednesday morning. Fifteen survivors were pulled from the wreckage, including a two-year-old boy.
Image copyright Alexandre Meneghini/reuters
Image caption Capoeira teacher Eiwer Carbonell warms up before a lesson in Havana, Cuba. Capoeira combines elements from dance, acrobatics and martial arts.
Image copyright Yannis Behrakis/reuters
Image caption Greek Orthodox priests attend a special parliament session before a swearing in ceremony for Greece's new lawmakers in the parliament in Athens.
Image copyright Carl Court/Getty Images
Image caption Ahead of the general election, Britain's Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (speaking left) announced that his party would increase taxes on the better-off to raise £8bn and sign up to £16bn spending cuts. He vowed to balance the books by 2017-18 - the same date as the Conservative Party.

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