Halfway point in 24-year photo project

1 Image copyright yvonne derosa

Every February the latest set of pictures from a 24-year-long series are exhibited in London and this year's set marks the halfway point.

The 24 photographers are each assigned an hour of the first day of the year in which to record an aspect of their lives. The original 24 met while studying at Central St Martin's in London and though they have gone their separate ways the project continues to unite them and their photography.

This year the exhibition is curated by Bridget Coaker, night picture editor at the Guardian and co-founder of Troika, who said: "When I first heard about 24photography I thought, 'What a great idea - I do hope they manage to keep the momentum going.'

"Now in its 12th year, this group of dedicated photographers are still going out in all weathers and all hours to capture something that shows something of the first day of each new year. Their commitment to the project is inspiring."

The pictures are on show in Soho Square, London, from 24 February until 19 March.

Here is a selection of the pictures with comments from the photographers.

01:00 Algy Sharman

Image copyright Algy Sharman

"This shot was taken in a cafe near a spooky industrial estate outside Stockholm. This guy and his buddy were out skateboarding. He was waiting for a kebab - so was I."

03:00 Christoph Grothgar

Image copyright Christoph Grothgar

"The photograph is of the last firework I had kept until my time slot had come. While taking the picture, I thought of someone who told me that I shouldn't always have everything in the centre of the frame, so I took it off-centre."

04:00 (11:00 local time) Virginia Standard-Sheader

Image copyright Virginia Standard-Sheader

"My image was taken in Hanoi, Vietnam, in the old quarter. It shows a young man sleeping on his bike oblivious to the chaos around him."

05:00 Jean-Francois Vallet

Image copyright Jean-Francois VALLET

"My picture was taken in my flat in Paris, back from a New Year's Eve party. A little bit tired, I was wondering what I could shoot and discussing it with my room-mate Laurent. We had the idea to play with the science skeleton belonging to my wife Marion.

"Getting older, 2015 is for me the step to the age of 40. Dancing with death is an ironic reference for me."

09:00 Sarah Lucy Brown

Image copyright Sarah Lucy Brown

"Due to an unseasonably warm start to the winter this delicate cherry blossom tree had flowered already. It caught my eye and felt that it symbolised a good start to the new year."

11:00 (19:00 local time) Enrico Vietti

Image copyright Enrico Vietti

"Christmas time in Asia is a good example of the (often tacky) mix between different cultures. Even in 20C you can see Santa Claus in the streets and Christmas trees are everywhere, although they tend to be integrated in some Asian context and elements.

"This was taken in Hoi An, Vietnam, a city well known for its tailors and lanterns."

12:00 (20:00 local time) David Mazza

Image copyright David Mazza

"Ten years ago we were married on our farm in Western Australia. New Year's Day 2015 became a beautiful summer evening and the kids wanted to go for a walk up to Wedding Hill."

13:00 (14:00 local time) Pierre Mansiet

Image copyright Pierre Mansiet

"This image was taken during the new year's parade on the Champs Elysees and the "star" of the parade was this Hero Go Pro camera attached to its telescopic stick.

"They were all over the place. I know the National Gallery in Washington DC forbid them in the museum as there were so many of them and this started to cause problems."

14.00 Guy Bell

Image copyright Guy Bell

"New Year's Day offers people the chance to consider changes as well as relax. I decided to go to Winter Wonderland, in Hyde Park, to gauge the mood.

"I expected a sea of miserable people trudging around and being ripped off, but instead saw a more cheery view of life - how simple and sometimes corny things (fairground rides, soft toys, balloons and hot dogs) can entertain and genuinely lift the mood."

17:00 Anthony Curran

Image copyright Anthony Curran

"New Year's Day is a busy time, the sales are on in Oxford Street and the area is packed with people. Despite this there is still plenty of opportunity for people to be isolated. New technology can make this more bearable, whilst at the same time making it more likely."

18:00 Candida Jones

Image copyright Candida Jones

"This was taken in London and for me it sums up how many of us feel on New Year's Day, tired, aching, and more than a little green around the gills."

19:00 Raphael Schutzer-Weissmann

Image copyright Raphael Schutzer-Weissmann

"I took this photo in response to the anti-immigrant rhetoric increasingly noticeable in the UK and Europe recently.

"At first it seemed to me that Romanians were the target, but the Charlie Hebdo atrocity took things to a new level. It became a blame game. Blame the immigrants, blame the Muslims, blame the Jews, blame somebody, for something. To my mind inclusiveness and diversity are things to be celebrated, not demonised."

21:00 Claire Spreadbury

Image copyright Claire Spreadbury

"My image is intended to portray the innocence of childhood as well as capturing the fashion of the time - the onesie."

Top photograph:

00:00 Yvonne De Rosa

"I was in Reykjavik and I was with friends in the square close to the main church. Everybody was enjoying the fireworks and I actually discovered that Icelandic people have quite a love and obsession for them.

"As in Naples in southern Italy where I come from, they all had fireworks and were firing them in the streets, quite a crazy party! All was chaotic and fun. To the contrary the couple I decided to photograph where in some sort of calm embrace and in their own magic space."

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