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  1. The final Practice News Day of 2014/15 is under way
  2. This year's News Day is on Thursday 19 March
  3. If your school is signed up, let us know what you are reporting on

Live Reporting

By Ian Westbrook

All times stated are UK

And finally....

17:00: Time to wrap up our final Practice News Day of 2014/15.

Next time we do this it will be for real.

We look forward to seeing some amazing reports and will close by inviting you to take a look

at this video news report from Hertswood Academy in Borehamwood - a school who only signed for the project for the first time a short while ago.

Well done to them and every other school who took part today!

See you on March 19.

16:52: Six students at Malet Lambert School in Hull have been looking

at staying safe on the internet today. They've written articles about staying safe online and how the internet is taking over our lives.

They had half an hour over lunchtime in which to complete these articles, giving a real idea of a working to a deadline!

Their articles and more as we get closer to News Day will all be uploaded to their School Report website -

16:48: What a busy day for the pupils at Cynffig Comprehensive School.

They have worked hard all day on a number of stories covering everything from their new student parliament, litter in the community, sport and well-being to a creative report on vlogging!

Check out!bbc-school-report-day/cmne to find out more!

16:40: The Year 9 School Reporters at Crown Hills Community College in Leicester have focused on stories about exam stress and anxiety, Ukraine and Russia, a local perspective on Ebola and a tribute to a teacher who lost her battle with cancer

The sports team will be producing a story on Leicester City FC, hopefully interviewing a player, and also looking at sports within their school.

Crown Hills School
Crown Hills School

16:34: Today at St George's Academy in Lincolnshire has been an ILID day (Innovative Learning and Immersion Day) when a normal timetable is suspended and students undertake work on more substantial projects - immersing themselves in the learning.

They have come up with a list of people to invite to "Question Time" on School Report News Day on 19 March, including local politicians, town and parish councillors, governors and Wayne and Paul Watson (current and previous principal).

The students have written some sample letters. and have worked really hard and thoroughly enjoyed themselves - they even wanted to carry on through break and lunch!"

St George's Academy

16:31: How do you know what is true and what is not true online - especially in social media?

Our new guide unravels the fact from the fiction.

16:25: Mr Alderson, leading a Year 8 School Report team at All Saints' Catholic Academy in Mansfield tells us: "We have finished our first ever School Report and met the 4pm deadline.

"Thank you for all the support and giving us a mention. The students were fighting over their chance to report.

"We have already started our prep for the 19th. Bring it on."

All Saints Catholic Academy

Should parents trust their children online?

16:20: Should parents trust their children when they go online?

A group of School Reporters from St Margaret Ward Catholic Academy in Stoke-on-Trent think they should and argue that they know what they are doing - and are aware of the potential dangers which exist

The interview was first broadcast on BBC 5 Live's

Afternoon Edition.

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tweets: Our @BBCSchoolReport-ers' first task - covering our dance show (using the tips @hughesthenews shared last week!).

Stockport Grammar School

Dingwall Academy team delighted with day

15:53: Dingwall Academy teacher Gerrard Dolan has told us: "It's been great and the pupils really enjoyed it. We will be more organised for the big day in March - the value of the Practice Day was more than evident up here, and we have ironed out a few glitches. Great support from the BBC team, so thanks for all of that."

Tackling sensitive subjects - tips for teachers

15:39: Do you ever have to tackle sensitive subjects with your students? If you find that tricky to deal with,

we have some tips to try to make the process easier.

15:26: Students at The Blandford School in Dorset gathered much earlier than for usual morning classes to film a piece about a new astroturf facility which has recently been completed in the school.

This report is in anticipation of the official opening with VIPs that will be recorded and reported on by the news team on News Day on March 19. They have scripted reports and interviews and spoken to their Head Teacher. They are also editing a previously recorded interview with a member of their Senior Leadership team.

They approach the editing process creatively, finding music to go with the report.

The Blandford School

15:14: Update from Helena Romanes School and Sixth Form Centre in Essex.

Hanna, 14, said: "It was very interesting - I really enjoyed working in a smaller group. I held interviews and did a project dedicated to learning and exams."

Keira, 15. explained: "I learnt a lot working in a group. I was interested in the dynamics that occurred in the process of writing. I worked on a story dedicated to the question of how teenagers are viewed in society right now, how we are perceived differently from other social groups as being overwhelmed, being constantly under a lot of stress. I am planning to do interviews as well to collect opinions."

15:03: James, a sixth former who has been assisting with the filming at Cynffig Comprehensive School says: "We are all involved and productive. I feel this gives a great insight into the media and how the news is produced."

Menna, a Year 8 pupil, has had a brilliant day so far and said: "It's been a very productive day but also entertaining with lots of communication skills being put to the test!"

14:41: We hear that School Reporters at Harris Academy Morden are hard at work creating news stories - good luck team!

School Reporters on air

14:32: School Reporters at Parkside School in Bradford broadcast live for an hour on their local community radio station today. Drystone radio gave the reporters an hour and they made the most of it!

Parkside School
Parkside School

Old headmasters being traced

14:11: The reporting team at Kennet School in Berkshire have been busy today, practising how to write scripts.

The Year 9 group have been researching different stories and School Reporter Tom says they are enjoying taking part.

"We're looking at evolution of schools over time, in particular Kennet School," he told us. "We've been looking at old headmasters - it's been challenging try to track them down."

Molly says she thinks the team is doing well - she is currently researching which celebrities and YouTube personalities influence young people.

"We're looking at Ed Sheeran, Zoella and David Beckham - we're looking at if they are a good influence on people our age," she explains.

Well done team - keep up the good work!

Dingwall Academy defy technical problems

13:58: Despite the technical problems that the team at Dingwall Academy was experiencing and misfortune with computer failures, their spirit is up! Teacher Gerrard Dolan is very proud of his young team's achievements.

Ellie, 12, has received an email from the Queen's lady-in-waiting where she thanked the young author for the poem she's written.

Emma, 11 has sent her piece to Buddy Valastro at Cake Boss to share her tips on cake-making, which was received with gratitude and appreciation by the TV show's baking guru.

Hunter, 12 has won a place at Junior Crafts having gone through a tough competition.

Younger pupils were also involved. They interviewed each other in an improvised newsroom about their achievements.

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tweets: Today we welcomed students from @UrmstonGrammar who interviewed ex pupil @tbrady14 for @BBCSchoolReport #GoodLuckGuys

Tom Brady and School Reporters

How important are creative subjects?

13:40: Year 9 School Reporters from Cheam High School are working on stories based around their school for Practice News Day - they have even bigger plans for our actual School Report News Day on March 19.

Today they are following up stories on the value of creative subjects - and whether there might be any change in the teaching of creative subjects after the election: also the role of Religious Education in schools and whether schools would still do RE if it wasn't a requirement.

Also today the students are following up a story idea about girls' perceptions of sport - sparked off by the "This Girl Can" advertising campaign run by Sport England.

Top tips for doing School Report

13:31: Whitley Academy School Reporters have sent their top tips for doing School Report.

News presenter Selina (age 11) says it's important to: "Always speak loud and clear, be confident and be polite to whoever you talk to."

Blogger Leah (12) says: "Make sure you only take the true facts and do not exaggerate facts."

News presenter Khalid (11) says he has learned: "Not to be nervous and to speak louder so the voice recorder will pick up the sound."

And sound man Debanshu (11) says he has: "Learned how to do recording in different files and to download them."

Michal says: "It is stressful; however it is rewarding. On Friday last week once I did video editing I didn't want to go home even it was quite late - 4:35pm of a Friday."

Tom Brady interview well under way

13:24: Urmston Grammar School's School Reporters asking former pupil Tom Brady, a winger for Sale Sharks, all about his life as a rugby player.

Tom Brady being interviewed

13:09: The Petersfield School is steaming ahead with a great team of School Reporter journalists and camera people.

There are 20 students working hard for the 2pm deadline. The range of stories includes cyber-bullying, apps on phones, the Duke of Edinburgh scheme run by the school and, most importantly, Bring Your Own Device, which is a new initiative in school.

There is also a Maths Magician in school today so the School Reporters have filmed an interview with him.

School Reporters are also vlogging to record the day.

12:58: Greenvale School in south London are taking part in School Report for the sixth time this year and are thinking about which stories they are going to cover.

They are considering doing a story about reading and a brand new mindfulness and meditation scheme they have started in school.

We can't wait to see your reports - good luck!

12:52: Taylor, 12 from Whitley Academy is busy editing his report. He has been inspired by the personal experience of his aunt being diagnosed with breast cancer to report on this subject. He hopes it will make his aunt proud.

Taylor from Whitley Academy

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tweets: The @BBCnireland Bus has arrived at Portadown College for @BBCSchoolReport Practice News Day

Portadown College

And Green!

12:36: And if your pin is green it means you have

set up your School Report webpage and we can click through to you.

By the time News Day comes around, if not before, the map is all green meaning anyone can access your school's content from

Red, yellow........

12:34: Every school that takes part in the project features on our School Report map - in one of three colours.

If your school's pin is red then it means you have returned

one piece of paperwork - the one which says you are taking part this year.

If the pin is yellow then it means your head teacher has also returned the form confirming

they have received parental consent for every student to take part.

Go green for School Report

12:30: When we say "go green" at School Report, it is not an environmental message we are giving out.

We want all the schools taking part in the project to

go green on our map - not sure what we mean? Then let me explain.

School Report map

More from Hertswood Academy

12:20: Katie presents the graphics representing the survey the School Reporters conducted.

Katie from Hertswood Academy
BBC School report

12:10: All Saints' Catholic Academy in Mansfield are taking part in School Report for the first time this year - good luck with Mr Alderson and his team of Year 8 School Reporters!

12:04: School Reporters at The Laurels School are enjoying Practice News Day and are deep in discussion about their stories. They are working hard on story ideas and looking forward to uploading them later in the day. It's a very exciting day for the School Reporters.

The Laurels School

Big shout-out to Cynffig Comprehensive School

11:59: We've just found out that Cynffig Comprehensive School are taking part today.

Welcome aboard and we look forward to hearing what you are all reporting on.

Bright football boots investigated

11:49: Pedmore Technology College and Community School Year 8s have been running all over the school to get interviews, according to their teacher Carly Davis.

"They have some nice stories including some quirky ones," she said, "including why do footballers wear such bright boots these days?"

They are also reporting on the Jam Packed event looking at computer coding and speaking to a student in their school who has his own textile business.

Jordanna, 13, is exploring the change in option choices which now have to be picked at the end of Year 8. "It's going fine," she said, " We've interviewed the Deputy Head, two students, and we're hoping to speak to another teacher. It's really interesting as we get to research lots of things and it will helps us with what is coming up in the next few months!"

Lost and found at Sir Harry Smith Community College

11:42: School Reporters at Sir Harry Smith Community College are hard at work on a wide range of topics for Practice News Day today, including articles about social media privacy issues and cyber-bullying.

The reporters are also working on an intriguing story about items lost (Charlie Chaplin's Oscar) and found (Neil Armstrong's camera and D-Day documents).

Other stories already under way are about how much they earn compared to a footballer; is Sir Harry Smith a good school, and the 500th anniversary of Hampton Court Palace.

And finally, there is interest in a story about saving the pangolin and also a story about the forthcoming Oscars.

Are you ready for News Day?

11:33: Is your school prepared for News Day on 19 March? Are you wondering what you should be doing and the best way to make the most of the opportunity?

Well have no fear, we are here to help you....

We have a

complete guide on how to prepare for the big day, with tips on how to make your dedicated web page, preparing your reports and contacting us on the day itself.

Do you and your School Reporters know how to keep all your stories safe and legal? All the answers

are here.

Internet safety on menu at Wallace Hall Academy

11:30: Students at Wallace Hall Academy are busy doing their research on Practice School Report day.

They are looking into topics including Internet Safety and Social Media - appropriate on Safer Internet Day. Other stories they are researching are about the importance of voting in the forth-coming 2015 General Election as well as the recent Burns Day Celebrations in Dumfries and Galloway.

Wallace Hall Academy
Wallace Hall Academy

Urmston land Sale Sharks interview

11:24: Urmston Grammar School's School Reporters Robert, Sally, Stella and Caitlin arrive at Sale Sharks to interview Tom Brady (no, not the American Footballer) on his 24th birthday.

Sale Sharks training
Urmston Grammar School

Radio station visit lined up

11:12:Parkside School in Bradford are looking forward to a trip to their local community radio station, Drystone Radio, at 13:00 GMT.

Eleven Year 8 and 9 School Reporters have been hard at work this morning writing up their news stories ready to practice broadcasting. Amongst their stories is that of the local bike shop closing down. Despite the

Tour de France coming through the area, it seems that cycling has become less popular.

Later in the day whey will link up with a lady in Iowa, USA, to speak about the fact that there are only two dedicated areas for sledging on health and safety grounds. After half-term they will speak with Buxton's Health and Safety executive who advocates children should sledge anywhere they like.