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  1. School Report is staging its 11th annual News Day
  2. Secondary school children at more than 900 schools around the UK are taking part
  3. Students are also reporting at events in BBC buildings around the country
  4. Highlights included a mental health special at the BBC Radio Theatre in London
  5. Follow us - @BBCSchoolReport and

Live Reporting

By Mario Cacciottolo, Julian Joyce, Kate Palmer, Jennifer Scott, Ian Westbrook and 30,000 School Reporters

All times stated are UK

'Don't stress, do your best'

Tests, assessments, mocks and GCSEs can feel overwhelming.

Aisha and Myesha, from Whalley Range High School in Manchester, created this stress awareness animation to help.

Who did what, where

Map of UK

Here's a reminder that you can check out what schools in your local area have been doing for School Report via our whizzy map.

And don't forget that regional BBC News bulletins will feature what some of the School Reporters have been up to at 18:30 GMT.

Teen bullying victim: 'I couldn't speak out'

Grace, 16, was bullied for nine years and says it "ruled my life".

Her account comes as new research suggests 70% of teenagers experience negative feelings.

According to a survey for School Report, one third of 11 to 16-year-olds lack the confidence to speak to a teacher if they are being bullied.

Watch the full report on the BBC News at Six .

School Report: Grace explains how bullying affected her

School Report: Coventry quizzed about bullying issues

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

Our intrepid School Reporters from Higham Lane School in Nuneaton are exploring issues around mental health and well-being; putting together a report on cyber-bullying.

School Reports

School Report: Students try the reporter life

Three students from John Henry Newman Catholic College have been going behind the scenes at the BBC in Birmingham to find out what it's like to be a reporter. 

George, Isagani III and Jack

George, Isagani III and Jack said it was interesting to do something different and thought prospective journalists needed to be confident and good at English.

Reporter gets an insight into police force

By Robyn (Holgate Academy, Nottingham)

BBC School Report

People like to be different things as they grow up and today I spoke to a police officer about his job and how it affects his life. 

He told me that it hasn’t always been his dream because he wanted to be a vet, but as he went through university he started looking for jobs and he had a sit down to think about it. 

When I asked him about qualifications, he said people are looking for different things. Some are looking for people who have studied languages, some are looking for people who have studied computers and some are looking for someone with people skills.

I also asked him what he finds most rewarding and he said that it’s when you pick up an incident from the start because you have a chance to say "look, I’ve done that...I carried out this investigation". I thought that was good because you have made this investigation and helped out.

It was a really fun experience learning about the police force and something I might want to do when I’m older.

Young refugee hero

As part of  #BBCSchoolReport , we asked a class of Swedish children and their guests from a nearby refugee camp what they thought of a new book about a young refugee hero.  

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Aiming for the airwaves

These School Reporters from Tonyrefail School near Porth in Rhondda Cynon Taf, are about to go on air on BBC Radio Wales to talk about the package they made today. 

Pupils from Tonyrefail School

Actress shares her top tips with school reporters

By Josh and Kai

BBC School Report

Today we were lucky enough to be able to interview Ayesha Dharker, who has starred in  Star Wars, Dr. Who and Coronation Street . It was a great experience and the answers to the questions were superb.

We asked what inspired her and she said an actor came to her school and she signed up for the auditions just to miss maths!

We then went on to ask her about her favourite film or TV show that she had starred in and she said  The Terrorist was her favourite film as they made it with natural lighting and with little budget.

Josh and Kai
Holgate Academy

The next question we asked was what film she wants to be in and she said she wanted to be in  The Muppets  or an animation film because she really enjoys voice acting.

We asked if she had any tips for actors who are just starting their careers and she answered: "Don’t listen to other people, just stick with what you want."

We also asked her how she chooses what films she wants to be in, and she answered that it’s because of the story line. If she loves the story, she will be in the film, and at the moment, she is in Holby City .

Ayesha Dharker
Getty Images

School Report: Prospective journalists tackle weighty topics

Alex Homer

BBC Local Live

I've spent the morning with pupils and teachers from Aston Manor Academy at Birmingham City University's city centre campus.

White board

The children picked some weighty topics to investigate.

A group comprised of Mariam and Alisha suggested interviewing people across a range of ages about so-called "fake news".

Meanwhile pupils Tayef, Munir and Ceeydrus interviewed their peers on their views on Brexit, with Simra considering why it was important for people to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

The children later tested their presenting skills at the university's studios, reading a news bulletin in a live TV scenario.

Their efforts are due to be shared on the school's website.

The next generation of BBC journalists?

We're welcoming students from across Greater Manchester here at MediaCityUK today as part of the BBC News School Report.

This afternoon we're joined by Year Eight pupils from Our Lady's School in Blackley.  And if we're not careful they're going to be taking our jobs in a few years' time.

That's because they run a student newspaper which was launched last year.

Pupils from Our Lady's School, Blackley
Andreja, Leander, Tayo, and Annelisa making themselves comfortable in the BBC Radio Manchester newsroom

"We had to decide what we wanted to include in the paper, and jobs were allocated, like Editor, Social Media Editor etc.

"Our mission was to give students a voice and to raise the profile of what the school was about.

"We would write stories which would then be checked and improved. It is published every term," said Annelisa.

Two of her classmates explained their motivation for getting involved.

"I get to represent my people - the emo kids at my school!" said Leander.

"And I get to write from the geek perspective," added Andreja.

"My favourite colour is purple," concluded surrealist Tayo.

Syrian boy's journey

Rony, a Syrian boy now living in Birmingham

Twelve-year-old Rony is from Birmingham and fled the war in Syria when he was nine.

Now attending Balaam Wood School, in Frankley, he told School Report how his life has changed since leaving the city of Qamishli in his homeland.

He was unable to speak English when he first arrived in the West Midlands, but now his teacher says Rony "sounds like a Brummie". 

Pupils with learning disabilities describe experiences

A group of Hampshire pupils with learning disabilities have been describing their experience of mainstream schools, as part of School Report News Day 2017.

Jamie and Max, who now attend a specialist school in Didben Purlieu, said they were affected by noise and crowds.

Jamie told BBC South Today: "The teacher once said to the supply teacher, 'Jamie's autistic', and they replied, 'What does that mean, is it treatable?'"


Listening to Leeds

Listen in to BBC Radio Leeds to hear what local schoolchildren have been up to today...

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Rewatch our London event

In case you missed our mental health special from the Radio Theatre at BBC Broadcasting House in London earlier today, it is being replayed right now on the Red Button or by clicking the button at the top of this page.

It started at 16:40 GMT and ends at 18:10 GMT

Mental heath campaign comes to Hove school

Stuart Maisner

BBC Live reporter

As part of BBC News School Report day, Brighton based Rizzle Kicks singer Jordan Stephens has taken his mental health campaign into a Hove school.  

You can find out more about #IAMWHOLE  here .

You can find out more about School Report  here

'Labels don't define us'

BBC school reporters speak out about bullying in this video.

They have urged other pupils not to "sit back and let bullying happen".

Rony, right, with Shannon

School Reporters

John Henry Newman Catholic College

BBC News School Reporters ask Rony about how his life has changed since leaving Syria.

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Fun in the sun?

It isn't all hard work in the world of news...

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Pink socks!

BBC Look North presenter Harry Gration was quizzed on his legendary collection of socks by School Reporters.

"It started 20 years ago as a bit of fun," he said. "I try to wear socks which match my shirt and tie. My favourite ones are bright pink."

Harry also revealed why his show often tries to end on a bright note.

"The programme is about news, and sometimes pretty horrible news, so we try to have a lighter part of it around 6.50.

"I like to have a bit of fun at the end of the programme and we always look forward to it."

Pupils on Trump

The new president is making headlines daily so School Report day couldn't go by without mentioning him.  

See what these pupils think of Donald Trump's policies.

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And now for the sport headlines...

Sport presenters

Young people from Darlington took over the BBC Sport studio as part of today’s School Report and there was some real raw talent on show.

“It was really nervous when we were building up to it,” said Ryan. “It was really terrifying.

“But when you got in there, it was just you and the autocue and it was great.”

Josh also enjoyed getting to see what happens behind the cameras.

“It has been really interesting to see how it works behind the scenes as you always watch it on TV but don’t know how it works,” he said.

BBC Sport editor Ian Moss had a warning for his staff too.

“It is really great to have people coming in here, seeing how we do it, and, for us, identifying talent for the future,” he said.

“We have some of our presenters seriously watching their backs now.”

School spotlight on healthy eating and exercise to tackle obesity

School Report

Teenage fitness and child obesity has been much in the news and a Newcastle school decided to tackle the problem head on. 

Head teacher at Excelsior Academy, Michael Connolly, said his pupils thrive on being at a healthy school and constantly promote healthy eating, yet the number of children still classed as obese is still an issue, as it is in other schools.

Reporters at the school interviewed PE teachers who said some classes had 50% of pupils classed as obese.

They food provision at dinner times was good with a healthy menu.

However, after their investigation pupils believe there could be stricter guidelines for what students can pick for lunch, for example they cannot order a pudding if they have not had a main meal.

Currently the turnout for after school sporting clubs is around 50% which is only improving year on year.

However, when we compete in extracurricular events it is evident our student fitness levels are not what is expected for our age, something we could improve on.

Excelsior acedemy

BBC News School Report: Interview with South East actor

Tristan, Tobi and Jamie

BBC News School Report

For BBC News School Report day we've been speaking to south east based actor and producer Tom Swift about what he's up to.

You can find out more about School Report here .

A Swift interview..

Mind over matter

'Social media reduces my confidence'

Entrepreneur Poppy Jamie admits social media can give people a "warped vision" of what they should look like.

She was interviewed by school reporters Huda, Aisha and Siva from Harris Academy in Bermondsey about the impact of social media on young people.

She says we've become "really addicted" to social media - but adds that it's the first thing she looks at when she wakes up.

"My social media streams can reduce my confidence," she tells the students. "But if you get a 'like' it makes you feel good, so you want more likes".

She says: "There’s a lot of pressure to be perfect and it doesn’t exist - so we feel inadequate. 

"We can be our own harsh critics sometimes."

School Report students turn the tables

BBC School Report

Our School Report students are putting BBC staff to the test.

They're quizzing our TV and radio colleagues to find out just how our newsroom in Leeds works.

Watch below:

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News round-up

Newsround will be on CBBC  at 16:20 GMT and will include a round-up of School Report.

School report: Coventry pupils take part

Zyisha from Blue Coat School is among a group from Coventry working out of the London newsroom today for BBC School Report .

You may even catch them on The One Show later.

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Teens spend 'staggering' four hours daily on tablets and mobiles

School Report

Our eager reporters have been interviewing Dr Martin Lee from the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle and founder of the 'no phone zone' website on the overuse of mobile devices.

We were bowled over and astonished by the statistics he provided and when compared to our own survey at Newcastle's Excelsior Academy, our results were just as excessive.

We discovered approximately 75% of pupils we spoke to, use their phone for more than four hours a day.

Mr Lee informed us of the negative effects of the overuse of our devices, particularly the impact on our sleeping habits.

He also said further problems could arise such as mental health issues, lack of social interaction as well as the decline in our school work, if the device habit persisted.

Should our parents have more of a say in how much time we spend on them or is down to us ultimately to take more responsibility? Maybe both!

Excelsior Academy
Excelsior Academy

School Report: Students at Sincil Bank

Harry Parkhill

BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

You may have heard numerous youngsters trying their hand at football commentary whilst having a kick around at the park... Well today, we've made that dream a reality:

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Youngsters across the country are making us look bad whilst doing their School Reports .

Comedian speaks to school reporters about his career

By Mea and Hollie

BBC School Report

Today we interviewed a comedian called Paul Kerensa. We were able to talk to him on Facetime and ask him lots of interesting questions.

We asked him whether he always wanted to be a comedian. He said that before he got into stand-up comedy he did not really know what he wanted to be and then decided to be a comedian.

Hollie and Mea
Holgate Academy

What problems do comedians face?

Paul said that sometimes if you have said a joke too many times the audience finishes them for you and that can be embarrassing!

What are the pros of being a comedian?

He said it was the fact that he gets to travel everywhere.

It was a great pleasure to be able to talk to him and we thank Paul Kerensa very much for sparing some of his time to speak to us.

Smiles all round

Caterham School in Surrey tweets:

Roving reporters grill head teacher on British values

School Report

Our reporters Carla and Jessica get the chance to interview the head teacher of Collingwood School, Michael Connolly on the importance of British values.

The pupils from Excelsior Academy wanted to know his views on how the school should promote individual liberty. 

They are currently attending a diversity conference run for Trainer Teachers.

Excelsior Academy
Excelsior Academy

Inside the newsroom

These schoolchildren look right at home in the newsroom.

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Eden Girls' School in Waltham Forest tweets...

Interviewing our librarian

By Charlotte

BBC School Report

We interviewed our librarian at Holgate Academy, Heather Jackson and asked her some questions about her job.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Every day is different, I like that it’s not always the same atmosphere. I also like encouraging students to read something different.

What’s the best book a student has ever recommended to you?

The Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman- it was an amazing series – very different to anything I had read before.

Heather Jackson and reporters
Holgate Academy

Do you find it hard to get into a book?

Sometimes. If I feel that after the first few chapters it’s not my sort of thing I do consider giving up, I think everyone has moments like that. I would never abandon a book though. I like to see a story through to the end.

If you weren’t our school librarian, what would you want to be?

I think something to do with event management, arranging parties, events and planning weddings.

I think this interview helps to give a proper look into what it’s like to be a librarian.

Watch Poppy Jamie interviewed on Facebook Live

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School Reporters Huda, Aisha and Siva from Harris Academy Bermondsey are about to interview entrepreneur Poppy Jamie on Facebook Live - you can watch the interview here.