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  1. Updates from the general and local elections in the West Midlands on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 May 2015

Live Reporting

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Watch: Election drama

Stephanie Barnard

BBC Local Live

What a day it's been. Here's the dramatic moments and key results over the past 24 hours across the country.

Watch them here.

Good evening and thanks for following our updates.

Hereford and Worcester

A deeper shade of blue

Matthew Bone

Political reporter, BBC Hereford & Worcester

Herefordshire and Worcestershire went entirely blue in 2010 and it's gone a deeper shade of blue in 2015.

All eight Conservative MPs were re-elected with increased majorities. It was down, in part, to the almost complete collapse of the Liberal Democrat vote.

UKIP results

Peter Wilson

West Midlands Home Affairs Correspondent, BBC News

Throughout the night across the West midlands UKIP often found themselves in third place, replacing the Liberal Democrats.

A UKIP candidate

There were big increases in their share of the vote, but that never got translated into winning any seats.

Birmingham Yardley and Hodge Hill

Labour's Birmingham wins

Cath Mackie

BBC Midlands Today

It was a remarkable night. Lib Dem John Hemming was telling everyone he'd lose his

Birmingham Yardley seat - and he was right.

Labour's Jess Phillips (pictured), meanwhile, looked like she'd won the lottery, but was bundled away from the press saying she had to relieve her babysitter.

Jess Phillips


Hodge Hill, Liam Byrne might have held on to his seat for Labour, but his now infamous note to the incoming government in 2010 saying "I'm afraid there's no money" has dogged his party throughout this campaign.

Local elections

Malvern results continue to come in

Results from Malvern Hills District Council continue to come in. You can keep across the results on the

council's Twitter feed.

The most recent tweets

says: Phil Grove (Con) and Tony Penn (Con) elected for Tenbury ward #LE2015

Local elections

BBC Hereford & Worcester

Just two votes separate the candidates standing in Broadwaters at Wyre Forest District Council.

And we've learnt there is going to be a recount in Foley Park and Hoobrook.

Local elections

Staffordshire Moorlands results

Terry Goodwin

News editor, BBC Radio Stoke

The full Staffordshire Moorlands elections results are still coming in - you can watch the results as they are updated on the

council's website.

Walsall North

'Terrible night for Labour'

One of the oldest MPs in Westminster, 81-year-old David Winnick, retained his seat for Labour in

Walsall North but says it is bitter-sweet victory.

"It was a terrible night for Labour nationally. There's no disguising it - the loss of so many good colleagues."

David Winnick

He said the party had suffered in Scotland because it was seen as "allies of the Tories" by supporting the union in the recent referendum.

Watch: Labour stunned by Telford loss

Joanne Writtle

Midlands Today reporter

The Conservatives' Lucy Allan (pictured) shocked Labour's David Wright by winning the Telford seat he had held since 2001.

The Conservatives' Lucy Allan

It was the first time the Conservatives had won the seat since it was created in 1997.

Mrs Allan's win means all five Shropshire constituencies are Conservative.

Watch my report online now.

Latest headlines

Stephanie Barnard

BBC Local Live

As you'd expect - a very busy day here in the newsrooms across the West Midlands. Here's a brief look at the top stories for each area:

  • Birmingham and Black Country: The only seats to change hands were the Conservatives gaining Solihull and Labour taking Birmingham Yardley and Wolverhampton South West
  • Coventry & Warwickshire: No Commons seats changed hands in Coventry and Warwickshire, including Labour's number one target seat of North Warwickshire, which had a Conservative majority of just 54.
  • Hereford & Worcester: The area has remained true blue with all eight seats staying in Conservative hands and with increased majorities and the Lib Dem vote collapsed.
  • Staffordshire: Shadow education secretary and Stoke Labour MP, Tristram Hunt, is one of the names being considered to replace Ed Miliband
  • Shropshire: The big shock of the night for Shropshire was
    Labour's David Wright losing his seat in Telford

Local elections

Conservatives hold Tamworth

The Tories have retained control of

Tamworth Borough Council, winning eight out of 10 seats, with Labour taking the remaining two.

Warwickshire North

O'Brien 'somewhat surprised'

Peter Wilson

West Midlands Home Affairs Correspondent, BBC News

The swing to the Conservatives swept through the shires.

Warwickshire North had been Labour's number one target but it stayed blue, with Craig Tracey achieving a majority of 2,973.

Mike O'Brien

Defeated Labour candidate Mike O'Brien said of the result: "Somewhat surprised yes, but the people will make their choice and they've done so and in a sense that's democracy."

Local elections: Telford & Wrekin

Labour lose grip on power

Labour lose

Telford & Wrekin Council to no overall control.

Council elections
Telford & Wrekin Council

Telford Council

tweets: The final results are in. All 54 seats have now been declared. #LE2015 #TWelections

Local elections

Tories retain control of South Staffordshire

The Conservatives remain the largest party on

South Staffordshire Council.

Local elections

Conservatives hold Rugby council

The Tories have retained control on

Rugby Borough Council.

Coming up on TV tonight

Hilary McConnell

Assistant editor, BBC Midlands Today

At 18:30 we'll have special report from Sarah Falkland, who's examining how the Midlands looks politically today as well as gathering reaction in Solihull and Nuneaton.

Who has lost out and why did the support for UKIP and the Greens not translate into seats?

We'll be live in Nuneaton, which was seen a pivotal turning point during the night and signalled a Conservative victory nationally was on the cards.

Local elections: Stoke

Labour loses control

BBC Radio Stoke

In Stoke-on-Trent, Labour have lost control of the city council, failing to get enough councillors to gain overall control.

It means the City Independents, the Conservatives and UKIP may now try to form a coalition.

Stoke on trent local elections result
Stoke on Trent City Council

Full results breakdown available here.

Stoke-on-Trent Central

'Deep thinking' for Labour

Stephanie Barnard

BBC Local Live

Labour MP for

Stoke-on-Trent Central Tristram Hunt (pictured) says it's been a "challenging" 24 hours for the Labour Party.

Stoke on Trent Central MP Tristram Hunt
Getty Images

Asked if he wanted to be leader following the resignation of Ed Miliband, he responded: "Today is celebrating and marking the leadership of Ed Miliband and beginning to have a deep think about the future of the Labour Party and how we can build ourselves up again as a progressive force which wins elections."


'Devastating blow' for Labour

Joanne Writtle

Midlands Today reporter

It was a tense time at the

Telford count, which resulted in a shock defeat for Labour as their seat was lost to Tory Lucy Allan.

Lucy Allan

Her win was a devastating blow for David Wright, who'd been the MP there for 14 years, and speaking after the declaration he said he hoped Allan would represent the constituency well.

All seats in Shropshire are now Conservative.

Local elections: Wychavon

UKIP beats Tory

BBC Hereford & Worcester

In Wychavon, Conservative John Smith has lost to Jed Fiarcroft of UKIP.

It's thought the Abbey Bridge controversy in Evesham played its part. It was closed for a long period of time for work to be done, with the completion date being pushed back more than once.

See a full breakdown of

Wychavon District Council results online here.

Local elections

Labour keep grip on Dudley

Labour remain in control of

Dudley Council.

Dudley Council election results
Dudley Council

They've been in charge since 2012.

UKIP fielded 24 candidates but won no seats.

Local elections

Labour's Wolverhampton stronghold

Steve Hermon

Journalist, BBC WM

Wolverhampton has gone against the national picture, as the city now has three Labour MPs and Labour

increased its majority on the city council by winning two more seats.

Wolverhampton local election results 2015
Wolverhampton City Council

They now have 48 seats on the authority, compared to 10 for the Conservatives, who held on to four but lost one.

The Liberal Democrats lost one, meaning they now have just one councillor along with UKIP, who didn't perform as well as expected.


Was it 'the economy, stupid?'

Patrick Burns

Political editor, Midlands

Maybe it really is the economy stupid that has led to this result.

That was certainly the sense among Tory activists I spoke to in

Nuneaton last night.

Wolverhampton South West

What next for Uppal?

Chris Blakemore

News editor, BBC WM

Paul Uppal, who lost his Conservative seat in

Wolverhampton South West to Labour's Rob Marris, says he'll spend more time with his young family and might start up his own business again.

Local elections

Tories gain control in Herefordshire

Herefordshire Council moved to overall control under the Conservatives.

Leader of the council Tony Johnson says he's not surprised but he is delighted to be in the post despite the challenge from It's Our County.

See a full list of results on the council website.

Local elections

Labour increases Birmingham majority

Labour have increased their majority on Birmingham City Council, taking one seat off the Conservatives and one from the Lib Dems.

New Yardley MP Jess Phillips & Sir Albert Bore

Labour now has 79 seats on the council, the Tories have 29 and Lib Dems 11.

New Yardley MP Jess Phillips and Sir Albert Bore (pictured) say it's a good day locally, but more spending cuts are ahead due to a Conservative government in power. A full breakdown of Birmingham City Council local election results are available

online here.

Local elections

Tories hold Bromsgrove

The Conservatives retain overall control of Bromsgrove District Council.

You can see a results breakdown on the

Bromsgrove District Council Twitter feed.

Council's new political make up

Sandwell Council

tweets: The council's political make-up now stands at:

  • 69 #Labour
  • 2 Independent Labour
  • 1 #UKIP
  • Overall turnout was 56.46% #SandwellElection #LE2015

Local elections

Labour clean sweep in Sandwell

The last Conservative councillor in

Sandwell lost her seat today.

Anne Hughes, the councillor for Charlemont and Grove Vale, was defeated as Labour won all 24 wards on the council for the second time in three years.

Labour remain the overwhelming party on the authority, holding 69 of the 72 seats.

Local elections

Labour lose control in Stoke

Terry Goodwin

News editor, BBC Radio Stoke

Labour has lost control of Stoke-on-Trent City Council to no overall control.

Labour council leader Mohammed Pervez says he's got a group meeting on Monday evening and won't make any decision over his own future, or whether Labour will form a coalition with other parties.

City Independents are the second biggest group, while the Conservatives and UKIP have made gains.

Local elections

Labour retain Cannock control

Labour maintain overall control of

Cannock Chase council with 22 seats, but the Conservatives increase their number of seats from five to 12.

Local elections

Tories tighten grip in Solihull

The Conservatives have tightened their grip on Solihull Council.

Their majority has gone up from seven to 13 seats.

The council tweets: The new makeup of Solihull Council is: Conservative 32, Green 9, Liberal Democrat 6, UKIP 2, Labour 1, Independent 1 #SolVote

Local elections: Walsall Council

Chris Blakemore

News editor, BBC WM

In Walsall the council is back in no overall control - with Labour remaining as the largest party.

Labour have been in charge since August 2014. This afternoon the Conservatives gained four seats. It means that Labour now have 27 and the Conservatives 25.

Both will now need to speak to other parties to try to find an agreement to run the council.

Latest headlines

Stephanie Barnard

BBC Local Live

Here's the top election stories for the West Midlands this hour:

  • Birmingham & Black Country: No party has overall control of Walsall Council - Labour have 27 seats and the Conservatives 25. Leaders of both parties will now try to broker a deal
  • Coventry & Warwickshire: All the parties have held their seats in the parliamentary and local elections. The Conservatives will continue to run Stratford District Council
  • Hereford & Worcester: The area remains Conservative with all eight seats staying in blue hands and with increased majorities
  • Staffordshire: Former elected mayor of Stoke-on-Trent Mark Meredith has lost in the Birches Head and Central Forest Park ward
  • Shropshire: Owen Paterson has been re-elected for the Conservatives in
    North Shropshire

Highs and lows

Mike Taylor

BBC General Election, West Midlands

In parts of Birmingham, Labour held seats with dramatically enhanced majorities, yet in seats which were near the top of their target list, like Nuneaton and North Warwickshire, they fell back.

Seats in the BBC Midlands Today area

The Conservatives also enjoyed a number of hugely increased majorities and they claimed a number of key seats.

The Liberal Democrat seats in Cheltenham, Solihull and Yardley were handed over as the predicted incumbency bonus for well-known Lib Dem MPs never materialised.

Almost one in six votes cast in the West Midlands region was for UKIP, yet in the end they didn't really come close to winning a seat, while the Green Party scarcely made an impression on an expensive night - they saved their deposit in only six out of 63 seats.

Movers and shakers

Mike Taylor

BBC General Election, West Midlands

In the West Midlands the net movement between the parties was very small - the overall effect was for the Conservatives to gain two seats in the region- Labour one, and the Liberal Democrats to drop from three seats to zero.

But it appears that the voting patterns in the area may have been the most volatile at any post-war general election.

Tories won the marginals

Peter Wilson

West Midlands Home Affairs Correspondent, BBC News

Nuneaton was the first of the West Midlands marginals to declare, with the Conservatives holding the seat through local boy Marcus Jones.

Marcus Jones

Labour needed to win here to stand any chance of getting into number 10.

North Warwickshire was Labour's number one target. It stayed blue.

Stoke-on-Trent North

New Labour MP wins seat

New MP Ruth Smeeth held

Stoke-on-Trent North for Labour, with a 39.9% share of the vote, a decrease of 4.4%.

Ms Smeeth takes over from Joan Walley, who stood down.