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  1. Budd wins Middlesbrough mayor bid by 256 votes
  2. Redcar council ward to be counted on Monday
  3. North East now has 'noisy SNP neighbours'
  4. Labour MPs secure seats across North East
  5. Conservatives hold Stockton South and win Berwick
  6. Reaction and results from the general and local elections in the North East & Cumbria
  7. Updates on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 May 2015

Live Reporting

By Lloyd Watson, Duncan Leatherdale and Catherine Lee

All times stated are UK

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Election 2015 draws to a close

Good evening

And with that, just a few minutes shy of 24 hours after it started, Election 2015 is over. It's been a tumultuous time for many parties, with great joy and crushing disappointment writ large across faces.

But to leave on a positive message, our politics team revealed earlier

that the North East is leading the way in electing female MPs.

Photographer Paul Kingston snapped this shot of three such examples - Labour MPs Sharon Hodgson, Bridget Phillipson and Julie Elliott.

Sharon Hodgson, Bridget Phillipson and Julie Elliott

Middlesbrough council elections

Full round-up to come

And the Middlesbrough Council elections are still dripping through -

you can follow the rest of them on the authority's website here, and Local Live will have a full round-up of those, and Redcar's outstanding declaration, on Monday.

Redcar vertical pier

Middlesbrough mayoral election

Warm tributes to both men

John Bowness

BBC Tees

Andy Preston said paid warm tributes to his

victorious rival and said he looked forward to seeing more of him and trying to improve Middlesbrough.

Dave Budd was asked about the atmosphere of the campaign but he said he hoped everything could be put behind for the good of the town.

Middlesbrough mayoral elections

'Congrats to Dave'

Andy Preston

tweets: We missed out by 256 votes.

Congrats to Dave Budd as Boro's new Mayor.

Thanks to everyone who supported & voted for me.

Middlesbrough mayoral election

How the race was won

John Bowness

BBC Tees

Dave Budd at the first preference count received 16,680 votes with an additional 2,858 second preference votes for his 19,538 total.

Dave Budd

Andy Preston at the first preference count received 14,265 votes with an additional 5,017 second preference votes for his 19,282 total.

Andy Preston

BreakingMiddlesbrough mayoral election

Budd wins by just 256 votes

John Bowness

BBC Tees

We can now declare the winners of the Middlesbrough mayoral election.

Dave Budd has won by the slimmest of margins - just 256 votes.

Mr Budd gained 19,538 votes, while Andy Preston won 19,282.

Where next for the Lib Dems?

Battle to lead

Nick Clegg has stepped down as leader of the Liberal Democrats and called a leadership election after suffering disastrous losses today, including losing

Berwick-upon-Tweed and
Redcar to the Tories and Labour respectively.

And with the party reduced from 57 MPs to just eight - and the loss of ex-ministers such as Vince Cable, Norman Baker, David Laws and Danny Alexander - the next leader looks set to come from this small band of MPs.

Here they are.

Nick Clegg

The top headlines today

What has happened in the North East?

So at this late juncture, it's worth recapping exactly where we are. Here's the top headlines in the North East this evening:

David Cameron

Middlesbrough mayoral election

'Close race'

The race for Middlesbrough mayor is close, currently counting second preferences to determine the winner out of Preston or Budd, Middlesbrough Council says.

Middlesbrough mayoral election

One ear on the match

John Bowness

BBC Tees

Some of those observing the Middlesbrough mayoral count are also keeping an ear open for BBC Tees commentary on tonight's Boro match.

Sadly it's not online, so you'll have to tune you dials the old fashioned way to 95FM if you want to join in. Here's a photo from the game to keep you going

and you can keep up to date with live text coverage here.

Boro match

Middlesbrough mayoral election

This ain't ending soon...

Stuart Whincup

BBC Look North

Turns out my prediction of the Middlesbrough mayor result being in by 16:00 was very optimistic....

Middlesbrough mayor count

Election Question Time

Talking about the fallout

BBC One is hosting a special edition of

Question Time tonight at 20:30 to discuss the fallout from the election.

David Dimbleby

Join David Dimbleby and his panel of experts as they dissect an election which may have more profound consequences than almost any in living memory - and try to get Paddy Ashdown to eat his hat.

Tonight's panellists are:

  • Alastair Campbell - former Labour spin doctor
  • Francis Maude - a Cabinet Minister in the last government.
  • Lord Ashdown - former leader of the Liberal Democrats
  • John Swinney - Deputy First Minister of Scotland
  • Julia Hartley-Brewer - English broadcaster and columnist

Middlesbrough mayoral elections

End of the Rhodes

David Rhodes

Politics Reporter, BBC North East and Cumbria

After 36 hours on the go and the Middlesbrough mayoral count in chaos it's time for me to bow out. My colleague John Bowness will bring you the final result right here.


MP Reed's thoughts on poll

Jamie Reed, MP for

Copeland, has written
a blog for Labourlist - one of the main Labour blogs - about the party's defeat.

"Outside of the bubble of the short campaign, Labour MPs knew earlier this year that the kind of defeat that has now transpired was heading our way," he writes.

The blog examines the parliamentary Labour party and its leadership since the 2010 election.

"At precisely the time when the PLP should have been firing on every intellectual cylinder it had, it had instead become inert," he says.

He finishes with: "We saw this failure coming, and I cannot explain why the Party inflicted this defeat upon itself. For my part, to every single person that needed us to win; I'm sorry."

Middlesbrough mayoral election

'Chaos and farce'

David Rhodes

Politics Reporter, BBC North East and Cumbria

Chaos and farce tonight at the Middlesbrough mayoral contest. We might not have a winner before 21:00. Counting has been weighed down by the huge number of spoilt ballots

Barrow and Furness

Majority axed

Labour's Jon Woodcock saw his 2010 majority of 5,208 slashed to just 795 in

Barrow and Furness, securing 42.3% of the votes, just 1.8% more than second-placed Simon Fell from the Conservatives.

UKIP's Nigel Cecil saw his share soar from 1.9% to 11.7% to secure third while Liberal Democrat Clive Peaple had his share slashed from 10% down to 2.7%.

BreakingRedcar and Cleveland Council

Fourth recount now on Monday

Redcar and Cleveland Council has confirmed that the recount (well, technically the fourth recount) of votes for Skelton Ward will take place on Monday.

To recap - Labour want overall control and currently have 27 seats, while the other parties combined have 29. The target is 30, and there's three seats to declare in Skelton.

So it seems like it is everyone home for the

Brentford v Middlesbrough play-off match.


Labour's majority down

Labour's Jamie Reed kept his

Copeland Parliamentary constituency although his majority dropped by 1,269 to 2,564, 42.3% of the votes.

Copeland candidates

Stephen Haraldsen from the Conservatives came second with 35.8%, and UKIP's Michael Pye came third with 15.5%, a 13.2% rise from 2010.

Danny Gallagher from the Liberal Democrats saw his previous 10.2% share reduced to 3.5%.

Middlesbrough mayoral election

Delay 'might crash Boro game'

David Rhodes

Politics Reporter, BBC North East and Cumbria

Many of the Middlesbrough mayoral candidates are concerned by the delays. After all

Boro kick off in the play-offs at 19:45.

Middlesbrough mayoral count

BreakingBarrow Borough Council

Majority remains for Labour

Labour have held on to their majority in the

Barrow Borough Council local elections. They needed 19 seats for a majority and now have 27.

The Conservatives won the remaining nine of the 36 seats available.

Find your local council results here.

BreakingCopeland Borough Council

Labour maintain control


Copeland Borough Council election results in Cumbria are in and Labour has held on to its majority. The new council is now made up of:

  • Labour: 29 seats
  • Conservatives: 17 seats
  • Independents: Five seats

Labour needed 26 seats to stay in control.

Find your local council results here.

Via Twitter

'Rebuild progressive politics'

Former South Shields MP David Miliband

tweets: Heart goes out to great colleagues who lost seats, Labour teams who worked so hard and of course to Ed.

Deep and honest thinking required to rebuild progressive politics

More female MPs

North East leads UK

In another dramatic change to the political landscape, the number of women in the UK Parliament has risen by about a third.

With results in all 650 seats declared, about 29% of MPs are women - up from 23% before the election. This represents the largest increase since 1997.

And the North East is continuing to lead the way in electing female MPs,

Gender balance graphic

Hartlepool Borough Council

Labour hold majority

Labour has held on to a majority council in Hartlepool.

Labour have 22 councillors, the independents have six, the Conservatives three and UKIP two. The number of seats required for a majority was 17.

Find out more about the elections on the council's website.

Penrith and the Border

Big majority rise

Rory Stewart saw his Conservative majority in

Penrith and the Border rise by 8,653 to 19,894, 59.7% of the votes.

Labour's Lee Rushworth came second with 14.4% and UKIP's John Stanyer third with 12.2%, a rise of 9.4% from 2010.

Liberal Democrat Neil Hughes had his share slashed from 28.5% to 8.5%.

Rory Stewart with his supporters

How the North East voted Labour

The numbers behind the votes

Mark Denten

Political Correspondent, BBC North East & Cumbria

While the Conservatives significantly gained Berwick and held Stockton South and Carlisle, in the North East and Cumbria 615,000 people voted Labour, with 388,000 putting their cross next to the Tories.

And now 15 of the region's MPs are female, with four newly-elected ones in Berwick, Redcar, York Central and Workington.

Allerdale Borough Council

No overall control

Allerdale Borough Council remains with no overall control as no party got the 29 seats needed for a majority.

Labour have 28 seats, the Conservatives 17, independents six, UKIP three and two others.

There's a full breakdown of each ward on the council's website.

Redcar and Cleveland Council

Art attack

David MacMillan

BBC Tees

And here's my crib sheet of many colours as we await that crucial Skelton ward at Redcar and Cleveland Council, where we have a second recount...

David's rather childish attempt at colouring

Redcar and Cleveland Council

'Squeaky bum time'

David MacMillan

BBC Tees

Current scores in Redcar are Labour 27, others 29. Target is 30, with three seats to declare.

I believe the popular phrase is "squeaky bum time"...

Middlesbrough mayoral elections

Ballot inspection

Middlesbrough mayoral candidates now being shown the disputed/spoilt ballots from the first round.

Middlesbrough count

BreakingStockton Borough Council

Labour in control

Labour has taken overall control of Stockton Council after the local elections last night.

The political makeup is now:

  • Labour: 32 seats
  • Conservative: 13 seats
  • Independents: 10 seats
  • Liberal Democrats: One seat

BreakingEden District Council

Conservatives gain control

The Conservatives have gained Eden Borough Council from no overall control.

Conservatives have 21 councillors, needing only 20 for a majority. The Lib Dems have seven councillors, with Independents having 10.

For more information visit the Eden District Council website.

Via Twitter

Labour 'mustn't rush'

Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes

tweets: Labour mustn't rush rush into a leadership contest - we need time to debate and agree our vision for the whole of the UK first

Allerdale Borough Council

Polling station ran out of ballot papers

Myles Ashby

BBC Radio Cumbria

In Allerdale in Cumbria, one polling station ran out of local election ballot papers. The council says replacements were sent to Victoria Hall in Cockermouth as soon as it was made aware of the problem.

It's apologised for any inconvenience, but doesn't know yet how many voters were affected.

The council says it won't need to rerun the election, but it's urging anyone who says they were refused the right to vote to get in touch with the returning officer.

Via Email

Your views: 'Chance for change'

Nigel Ford: Pleased the British public came to it's senses and avoided some kind of Labour minority government under pinned by the SNP. No doubt leading to another election within 12 months. The Labour Party had two big problems Ed Balls and Ed Miliband who were both linked with the over spending previous Labour government and a poor economic record.

This is a chance for change in the party, may be with the right brother, may be with Yvette Cooper hopefully not influenced by her husband.

I do feel for Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems. Think they did a decent job and could not afford to keep the tuition fee pledge due to lack of funds and the deficit, thanks to Labour.

Carlisle City Council

Conservatives gain seat

Carlisle City Council elections were held in 18 of the city's 22 wards. The Conservatives gained one seat from the Lib Dems. Here's the full make up of the authority after last night's polls:

  • Labour - 29 seats
  • Conservative - 20 seats
  • Liberal Democrats - One seat
  • Independent - Two seats

Check the full results here.


Minor rise for Labour majority

Sue Hayman saw her Labour majority rise by just 111 votes to 4,686 in

Workington to become Cumbria's first female MP.

Both Ms Hayman and second-placed Conservative Rozila Kana saw their share drop by around 3% while UKIP's Mark Jenkinson saw a 17.1% increase to 19.6%.

Liberal Democrat Phill Roberts saw his share drop from 13.5% to 4.4%.

North Tyneside Council

Labour take 18 seats

There were 20 seats up for grabs on North Tyneside Council last night.

Labour secured 18, with the Conservatives taking two.

Get the full results here.