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  1. General and local election updates from 7 and 8 May

Live Reporting

By Mark Bulstrode and Martin Barber

All times stated are UK

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That's all, folks

Mark Bulstrode

BBC News Online

That's it from our 22-hour live page bringing you elections results from Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire and Suffolk.

It's been quite a journey. Thanks for all your tweets and comments. We hope you've enjoyed the coverage. We'll have more on your local BBC website over the weekend. Have a good one!

Finals thoughts on a landslide day

Conservatives have 'a lot to deliver'

Andrew Sinclair

Political correspondent, BBC East

The new Conservative government now has a lot to deliver in the East as they've made a lot of promises.

Elizabeth Truss

That's £400bn of investment in the next five years, 250,00 jobs, the A47 upgrade, on the trains - Norwich in 90 minutes; Ipswich in 60 minutes. The Tories have now got to deliver that as they'll be held to it.

In terms of the cabinet reshuffle, keep an eye on Elizabeth Truss and Brandon Lewis.

Labour feeling blue

Conservative claim 29 seats across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex

Martin Barber

BBC News, East

The east region is a sea of blue today after voters helped put David Cameron back into Downing Street.

Graphic: The region's MPs

Despite an intensive campaign by Labour in key marginals nearly half the people that voted across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex voted Tory giving the party 29 of the 32 seats.

In Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire, the Conservatives claimed 26 seats, with Labour taking three in the Look East region.

South Cambridgeshire

Victory for Heidi Allen

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

tweets: Tory @heidiallen75 wins South Cambs with increased majority - says background in business appealed to voters

Heidi Allen

The east landscape

Labour retains pockets of power

Martin Barber

BBC News, East

There are still a number of seats to be declared in the local elections across the east, but this is how the landscape looks so far.

map of political control in the east after the local elections

Those areas marked in grey have no overall control.

BreakingUttlesford District Council

Tories hold but lose seven wards

The Conservatives just hold

Uttlesford, with 23 councillors - the minimum required to keep control of the 44-strong council.

The Independents gained eight wards, bringing their total to 10, and the Lib Dems lost one councillor reducing their numbers to six.

Parties share of the votes

Martin Barber

BBC News, East

After a busy night at the polls this is how the share fell for the parties in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex in the 2015 General Election, reports BBC Look East.

Graphic: Percentage share

'The road to Downing Street'

Andrew Sinclair

Political correspondent, BBC East

Labour's Andy Sawford stood on the stage of the Lodge Park sports centre in Corby in November 2012 and declared "the road to Downing Street runs through Corby", he was right - but he was referring to the wrong party.

Andy Sawford

Ever since Labour's almost total wipeout in 2010 the party has tried incredibly hard to re-establish itself as a serious force in the East of England.

"I don't know what more we could have done" one despairing candidate told me today. "We knocked on the doors, we had the conversations, we thought we had the right message". For Labour it's back to the drawing board - again.

Tendring District Council

Tories tumble to rampant UKIP

David Keller

BBC News Online

In the area where UKIP gained its first MP in a general election, it fell just sort of becoming the leading party at

Tendring District Council.


Conservatives now have 23 seats, losing 10, with UKIP gaining 22 seats, forcing the authority to no overall control. Independents now hold seven seats, with Labour on four, the The Holland-on-Sea Residents Association on three and the Lib Dems on one.

With the last election being in 2011, it was no surprise to see such a huge swing, but it certainly signals the popularity of UKIP in this part of Essex.


Sir Bob sheds nearly 9,000 votes

Mark Bulstrode

BBC News Online

More on Sir Bob Russell. He shed more than 8,000 votes to lose the Colchester seat that he first won for the Lib Dems in 1997.

Sir Bob Russell

His 6,982 majority from 2010 was wiped out as Conservative candidate Will Quince won 18,919 votes to beat Sir Bob into second place - a majority of 5,575.

UKIP more than quadrupled its vote with 5,870, while Labour added over 2,000 votes to finish third with 7,852.

Northampton Borough Council

Bar open in Northampton

Northampton Chronicle & Echo

tweets: "Council chief David Kennedy: 'I have 2 announcements. One is a declaration. The other is I have decided to open the bar!' [Mass cheering]"


Bob Russell: Praise from Jenkin

Zoe Applegate

BBC News

Harwich and North Essex Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin has paid tribute to Liberal Democrat Sir Bob Russell, who lost his Colchester seat to Conservative Will Quince.

Bernard Jenkin

"Bob Russell leaves a great legacy of public services - 18 years as the Member of Parliament for Colchester and before that a very prominent figure in local government," he said.

"Will is going to be a very able MP but he has got a big act to follow."

Peterborough City Council

'King Canute couldn't hold back tide'

David Keller

BBC News Online

Reacting to his shock loss from

Peterborough City Council, former leader Marco Cereste spoke about the rise of UKIP which ousted him from power.

Marco Cereste

"UKIP is UKIP, it's the flavour of the moment. King Canute couldn't hold back the tide and nor can I," he said.

"The wonderful thing about this country is we have a democracy - it doesn't work, but we don't have anything better, so long live democracy."

Bury St Edmunds

'History made' in Bury St Edmunds

Bury Free Press

Jo Churchill made history in

Bury St Edmunds, becoming the constituency's first female MP.

Mrs Churchill, the Conservative Parliamentary candidate, streaked ahead of the competition to win the seat, gaining 31,815 of the 59,566 votes cast.

BreakingEast Cambridgeshire District Council

Conservatives win 11 extra wards

The Liberal Democrats lost all but two councillors on

East Cambridgeshire District Council, down from 10, there's only one Independent councillor left - and this leaves the Tories in control of 36 out of 39 wards.

"Big boots to fill," says Pursglove

Northamptonshire Telegraph

Conservative Tom Pursglove

has paid tribute to ousted Labour MP Andy Sawford after he took the Corby constituency in the General Election.

Mr Pursglove said: "Andy did a fantastic job and his are big shoes to fill."

Luton South

'Sad to have lost colleagues' - Shuker

Dani Bailey

Beds, Herts & Bucks Live

Labour's Gavin Shuker has been re-elected as MP for

Luton South for a second-term.

Mr Shuker said in his victory speech that he was proud to see a red dot in a sea of blue: "It's been a difficult and disappointing night for out party.

"I stood because I thought it made a difference that there was someone local who could make a stand... regardless or people's backgrounds, where they come from or where they're going".

Lib Dem slump worst in 41 years

Watford Observer

The Liberal Democrats slumped to

their worst result in more than 40 years on a night when David Gauke was re-elected as MP for South West Hertfordshire.

Labour's Simon Diggins finished second in the party's best performance since 2001, taking 9,345 votes.

East Hertfordshire

All Conservative councillors

Dani Bailey

Beds, Herts & Bucks Live

A Conservative majority has been declared at East Hertfordshire District Council with all 50 wards being occupied by the party.

Stag in Parliament Square, Hertford

The Tories take two opposing seats from Independents and two from the Lib Dems.

Bedford Mayoral election

Dani Bailey

Beds, Herts & Bucks Live


Bedford Mayoral election will now be counting second preference votes towards the result as there is no outright winner between Lib Dem Dave Hodgson and Conservative Jas Parmar.

Bedfordshire on Sunday

tweet: Dave Hodgson currently leads with 25, 282 votes , Jas Parmar with 19, 417. Adrian Haynes claimed 7060 and Tim Douglas clocked in 15, 931 JH

Local elections in Norfolk

Here are the scores on the doors

Martin Barber

BBC News, East


Council remains in no overall control

Laurence Cawley

BBC News

The results are in for Basildon Council where both Conservatives and UKIP gained a seat, meaning they hold 18 and 11 seats respectively. Labour's nine seats are unchanged. Independents got three seats and the Liberal Democrats one.

Tony Ball
Former Basildon Council leader Tony Ball failed to win back a seat on the council

One of the big surprises was the council's former Conservative leader Tony Ball failed to get re-elected this year after losing his Wickford seat to UKIP's Peter Holliman in 2014.

Chesham & Amersham

Cheryl Gillan: Will 'defend constituency against HS2'

Katy Lewis

Beds, Herts and Bucks Live

Victorious Conservative MP for

Chesham & Amersham, Cheryl Gillan, says she will continue to look after her constituents' priorities which includes monitoring the
HS2 High Speed rail link project.

Cheryl Gillan

"I've been defending this constituency against that railway for an awfully long time," she said.

"I hope to make sure that if it does still go ahead, we get the best possible mitigation and compensation for the people whose lives have been blighted by it."


Having a breakdown

Tony Fisher

BBC Three Counties Radio

Normal service resumed inside the

Bedford count at the Bunyan Centre as I watched Richard Fuller retain his seat for the Conservatives with a majority of 1,097.

BBC Three Counties Radio car

There was also "normal service" outside the centre when the

BBC Three Counties radio car predictably broke down as I was trying to leave.

Thanks to the kind man from the RAC who got me going again.

St Albans

Rail Freight a priority

Dani Bailey

Beds, Herts & Bucks Live

Anne Main, the Conservative MP for

St Albans, has been re-elected for a third term with a majority of 12,732 - an increase of 10,427 votes since the last election.

Anne Main's victory speech

Mrs Main told

BBC Three Counties Radio that the contentious local issue of the Rail Freight terminal on the outskirts of the city remains one of her priorities: "I'm still working as much as I can behind the scenes with the district council and seeing if there's any other form of acceptable development that might be allowed there."

Luton North

Hopkins: A Labour rebel

Paul Scoins

Political reporter, BBC Three Counties Radio

Kelvin Hopkins (pictured right) has retained his seat in

Luton North for the Labour party but he doesn't always vote with his party in Parliament - he's quite the rebel in fact.

Gavin Shuker left, Kelvin Hopkins right

That won't matter to Labour. They'll be grateful for the small blob of red in an increasingly blue canvas.

The party will also be pleased that his colleague in Luton South, Gavin Shuker (pictured left), has clung on to his seat.


'Made the Premier League'

Andrew Sinclair

Political correspondent, BBC East

More from departing Colchester Liberal Democrat MP Sir Bob Russell.

Sir Bob Russell

"I've enjoyed the last 18 years. I feel like a footballer who made it into the Premier League," he says.

BreakingTendring District Council

UKIP surge in Tendring

A surge in UKIP support in

Tendring turns the Tory council to no overall control, with the party just one vote behind the Conservatives.

King's Lynn gains

More Tory seats

David Keller

BBC News Online

Conservatives remain dominant at

King's Lynn council winning eight seats at the expense of Labour and the Liberal Democrats, who each lost three.

That leaves the Tories with 50 seats, Labour with 10 and independents with two. The Liberal Democrats have nothing.

BreakingMid Suffolk District Council

Tories gain more wards

Katy Prickett

BBC News

The Conservatives consolidate their hold over Mid Suffolk gaining seven wards, while Labour lose their only ward and the Greens win an extra councillor.

Tory gains are at the expense of the Lib Dems and Independents.

Two independent, four Liberal Democrat and five Green councillors are now the opposition in a council led by a 29-strong Conservative majority.

BreakingSouth Northamptonshire

Tory hold

Craig Lewis

BBC News

The Conservative Party has retained control of

South Northamptonshire Council.

The Tories now have 35 seats, having gained three. The Liberal Democrats won four seats - up one, while independent candidates won three seats.

There are no Labour councillors.

BreakingBroadland District Council

Tory hold

Conservatives take a large chunk out of the Lib Dems at

Broadland District Council to boost their majority to 42 seats.

BreakingNorwich City Council

No change at city council

Labour hold their majority at

Norwich City Council with not a single seat changing hands.

Mid Bedfordshire

Dorries: 'I'm a Celebrity helped me'

Katy Lewis

Beds, Herts and Bucks Live

Nadine Dorries, who has retained her

Mid Bedfordshire seat with a 23,327 majority, says it is clear that appearing on the ITV reality TV programme
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here did not hinder her chances.

Nadine Dorries

"I just know how well that went down locally," she said.

"[The media] tried to make out I was some kind of villain, the reaction I got on the ground from people when I got back was the complete opposite, I knew it was OK, I knew that helped me."


Gummer fights off Ellesmere to hold Ipswich seat

Ipswich Star

Ben Gummer has

officially been re-elected to serve the constituents of Ipswich after securing 21,794 votes in yesterday's polls.

And after his victory he pledged that his work would continue - as he aims to improve rail links to the town, build a new bridge across the Wet Dock, and help boost the town centre.

Welwyn Hatfield

Tory chairman: 'Job not finished'

Katy Lewis

Beds, Herts and Bucks Live

Tory party chairman Grant Shapps said his party's success in the polls was due to voters realising more time was needed to put things right.

Grant Shapps

Mr Shapps told

BBC Three Counties Radio he asked a previous non-voter in her mid-30s what had made her go to the polls this time and she said she "realised the job wasn't finished".

"Ordinary Britons, realising that we've only had five years to try and sort out the problems, [see that] in another five years we can have full employment in this country and an even bigger, stronger economy," he said.


Still under Conservatives

Huntingdonshire District Council remains in Conservative control with 36 seats.

UKIP has six seats, the Lib Dems have four, the independents have four and Labour has two.

Local elections in the east

Canvas of blue across the political map

Martin Barber

BBC News, East

Just under half of the declarations have been returned in the local elections... and the march of blue continues in the BBC Look East patch.

Graphic showing local election control by party

Many areas of control have remained the same, but the Conservatives have gained in St Albans and Brentwood.

Colchester Borough Council

Minority win for Tories in Colchester

Craig Lewis

BBC News

The Conservatives won four seats from the Liberal Democrats on

Colchester Borough Council, but it is not enough for an overall majority.

The Tories now hold 27 of the 60 seats on the authorities, with the Lib Dems on 20, Labour on nine and four independents.

Prior to the election a coalition between the Liberal Democrats, Labour and independents ran the council, but it is unclear what will happen after this result.

Suffolk Coastal

Little change at Tory council

David Keller

BBC News Online

It's virtually a case of as you were at Tory blue Suffolk Coastal District Council.

The Conservatives gained four seats and increased their majority to 37, stealing two from both the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

The Lib Dems and independents now have two seats, with Labour occupying just one.